New CC’s

  • VIAC 6/19 $24 net $22.14
  • MO 6/19 $41 net $40.05
  • SJR 6/19 $17.50 net $17.18 (pays monthly dividend)




SOLD VERTICAL SPX (Weeklys) 12 JUN 20 2975/2970 PUT @.50

#vxxgame following Jeff and others…


following Jeff and others from yesterday.
BOT VXX / 21 AUG 20 80 CALL @.49

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX June 5th 3010/3030-3160/3180 condors for 1.05, IV 18.25%, SPX 3104, deltas -.05, +.06

DOCU Earnings

#Earnings #ShortPuts – Going out to the monthlies for just a straight put sale…

Sold DOCU JUN 19 2020 125.0 Put @ 2.60

AAL Covered Call

Bought to close AAL 06/05/2020 12.00 Calls / Sold AAL 06/12/2020 12.00 Calls @ 0.28 Credit.
I’ll have to wait for a pull back to roll up in the future.

#closing AAL On March 4…

#closing AAL

On March 4 I sold a 15 put, way too early of course. Rocking and rolling and a big run up today has me out of this one with a very small gain. Still have a July 17 20 put from a ratio spread from February.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX June 5th 3040/3020 put spreads for .80. Looking to close the call side before today’s close. Want to avoid the possible volatility after tomorrow morning’s #Jobs report.

Bought the condors for 17.35 last Friday.


Funny headline on zerohedge:
“We Still Expect To Be Paid” – America’s Largest Mall Operator Sues Gap For $70M In Back-Rent

“Like watching drunk hobos fight over a half-eaten sandwich at 3am…

Simon Property Group, one of the biggest – if not the biggest – mall operator in the US, us suing GAP, one of its largest tenants, claiming the retailer failed to pay more than $65.9 million in rent and other charges due during the coronavirus pandemic.
CNBC, which brought us the story, says the battle is unfolding in a Delaware state court. The lawsuit “highlights the mounting tension between retail landlords and their tenants, many of which stopped paying rent after the crisis forced them to shut stores.” It was filed on Tuesday. And a reporter at CNBC was apparently told to “expect more” lawsuits, apparently by somebody at SPG.

#assignment #coveredcalls SDC April 30…

#assignment #coveredcalls SDC

April 30 bought a May 15, 8.50 covered call for 7.14, shares at 7.79, call for .65, expired, sold June 5 call for .41.

CINF Put roll down

Bought to close 1 CINF 06/19/2020 70.00 Put / Sold 1 CINF 09/18/2020 65.00 Put @ 0.30 Credit plus a BIG 5 point drop in the strike price.
Stock is 64.32

REGN rolling to strangle

-Bought to close profitable $REGN 6/19 470/520/650/700 iron condor @ 3.90 (sold for 8.05 on 5/20)
-Sold to open $REGN 7/17 520/680 strangle @ 11.80 with the stock at 598.76. Short puts/calls at 15 and 18 delta.


Finally close this Position Early March sold 8 Put have trade around this since then finally close today for a small profit. Was down as much as 300.00 at one time.
Thanks guy Learned how to work a position here.

VXX – writing against recent purchases

Bought 1 VXX 08/21/2020 75.0 Put @ 0.53.

Sold VXX 06/05/2020 32.50 Calls @ 0.22
Sold VXX 06/05/2020 33.00 Calls @ 0.12
These pair off with the August long calls I bought over the last two days.

VXX early put roll down

Just to be safe after VXX blew through this week’s strike:
Bought to close VXX 06/05/2020 31.50 Puts / Sold VXX 06/12/2020 30.50 Puts @ 0.10 Credit plus a 1.0 point lower strike


Rolled Jun-05-2020 22.5 #CoveredCalls // Jun-12-2020 23.5 @.25 Credit + $1 better strike


about to gap up

Assigned on 226 of 336 SDC Jun 5 $7.50 Calls Position +44.7% in 44 Days

Recent run up in stock to $8.66. Details on the CC position established in April are below.

#coveredcalls-2, #sdc, #assignment