Sold $CAT 11/20 80 puts @ 1.85 with the stock at 122.16. Strike price would be at a 4 year low.


The ETF looks weak on the chart and if it breaks the 200 dma, it could drop a lot, so I bought the July 17, 95/85 bear put spread for 1.35

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Sold $SPX June 26th 3110/3090 put spreads for 13.70. Using the dip to sell put side, looking for a bounce tomorrow and Friday to sell the call side. Condors bought for 18.15 on Friday.


LK is up today-go figure

UVXY August

Sold $UVXY 8/21 55/65 bear call spread @ 1.33


BTC June 26, 50 puts at .01, Sold at 1.01

That is all for this week.


#ShortPuts – Added in a different account…

Sold SPY AUG 21 2020 250.0 Put @ 3.13


#ShortPuts – Starter position here. Thanks @jsd501 .

Sold TQQQ AUG 21 2020 50.0 Put @ 1.72


#ShortPuts – Well outside the expected move and below all the major moving averages.

Sold SPY AUG 21 2020 260.0 Put @ 3.43

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX June 24th 3055/3035 put spreads for 2.00. Condors sold for 1.40 yesterday. Expected-move stop was hit at 3084.

VXX New diagonal Spread

Bought 1 07/31/2020 60.0 Call / Sold 1 VXX 06/26/2020 36.50 Call @ 0.04 Credit.
This is similar to the spread I put on yesterday except that the long side call strike is 5 points lower.

My short calls and short puts for this week are now balanced out.
Fidelity calls these positions ” Short Calendar Iron Condor Spreads”

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dtelong Sold to close $SPX June 24th 3110/3090 put spreads for 6.90. Betting on a recovery by the close so I can sell the call 3120/3140 call spread at least partially ITM. Condors bought for 18.40 last Wednesday.

MYL AMZN and others

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the already-struggling sector particularly hard.
Some big names have gone bust recently, including Neiman Marcus , J.Crew, and J.C. Penney . Meanwhile, Amazon and other retailers with a large online presence are among the most-obvious winners of the coronavirus crisis.
The wave of bricks-and-mortar bankruptcies has some speculating that Amazon could be interested in scooping up a traditional retailer on the cheap, given its large cash hoard and willingness to take risk.
And it wouldn’t be the first time. Amazon bought Whole Foods Market back in 2017. That deal gave it a refrigerated distribution chain and positioning in attractive market areas.
A department-store acquisition could give Amazon a physical presence closer to more customers and relationships with large branded apparel companies.

Mylan’s Price-to-Earnings Ratio Is 3.7
It makes it the cheapest stock in the S & P 500 relative to its projected 2020 earnings.
Mylan is a large generic and off-patent drug company, and it is about to get much bigger. Later this summer, it is set to merge with Pfizer’s generic drug business, called Upjohn.
But investors are clearly pessimistic about the backdrop for generic drugs in the U.S., and don’t give Mylan shares much credit for its growing portfolio.
Other particularly cheap stocks in the S & P 500 include insurers Prudential Financial , MetLife , and Lincoln National . Old-school media companies ViacomCBS and Discovery also make the top 10.