Expirations / Rolls

OX LULU Oct-16-2020 310/330 #BuPS
OX SLB Oct-16-2020 20 #CoveredCalls
OX USO Oct-16-2020 30 #CoveredCalls
STO USO Oct-30-2020 30 #coveredcalls @0.32 credit
Roll OSTK Oct-16-2020 85 #CoveredCalls // Nov-16-2020 @10.40 Credit.
Roll SONO OCT-16-2020 15 #CoveredCalls // Nov-20-2020 @1.22 credit.

Was really hoping most of the Covered Calls would be assigned. The LULU was a #BUPS that got rolled into another, so was wider than my typical. Probably should bail out of the SLB with a small loss – not much premium even going to Dec expirations.