VXX Contango Payoff

Sold to close 2 VXX 01/21/2022 8.0 Puts @ 1.80
Bought on 06/05/2020 @ 0.98
In the 9 months I’ve held the long I’ve probably recovered the long put cost half a dozen times.

Waiting until after the coming reverse split to start some new #VXXContango strategies.


Putting this #FallingKnife on my radar.
Viatris is the combination of Mylan, maker of generic drugs and EpiPen emergency allergic reaction injection, and Pfizer’s (PFE) older drugs business called Upjohn

If you want some entertainment on a Saturday morning check out this post on Reddit

The post has over 100 comments referencing the ‘No one in my real life…..’ comments are probably applicable to most of the traders in this group…..sorry for not creating a direct link and suggesting you search for in on Reddit….but it is worth a few minutes of your time

SPY Ladder Update…..going the wrong way!


#spy-2, #ironcondor