#SPX1dte Expiring worthless: $SPX Apr 7th 3995/4015-4110/4130 condors, sold yesterday for 1.10.

#SPX7dteLong Expiring for max credit of 20.00: Apr 7th 3995/4015 call spreads. Condors bought for 15.75 last Wednesday.


Last new positions for this week in this stock.
Sold LABU 04/09/2021 65.0 Puts @ 0.65.
LABU at 73.75.



#BullPutSpreads – Got the little run up to the 50 day so booking it.

Bought to Close AAPL APR 23 2021 128.0/122.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.02 (sold for 3.70)

SPX BF trade

Rolled the Put BF’s long leg 4050 to 4040 for 1.75 credit, into a BWB 4040/4025/4000.

The pullback in SPX wasn’t very big, and now pushed back above VWAP. Like to remove some risk.

Still holding the Call side BWB: 4115/4125/4145

The initial trade cost 1.4, now 0.35 credit. will exit each BWB at additional $1-2 credit.


#ShortPuts – Adding…

Sold SOXL MAY 21 2021 34.0 Puts @ 1.75

FB BUPS Close / NAIL Put

$FB BTC 4/16 280/270 BUPS at .20. STO at 2.12

$NAIL STO 4/16 83 put at 3.00. Volatile bull ETF


BTO $LABU Apr-09-21 76/Apr-16-21 75 Call Diagonal @ 2.7

Thanks to the recent posts on LABU. There is decent IV skew for a 2 day trade. 68% PoP between 71-83, close enough to the recent low/high. targeting 50% return on the risk.


BTO $DDOG Apr-09-21 90/Jul-16-21 90 Call Calendar @ 7.95


Sold TLRY 04/09/2021 19.50 Puts @ 0.52.
Stock at 20 and at the March/April low.


#ShortPuts – Adding. This should be before earnings. No confirmed date yet but probably early May.

Sold OSTK APR 16 2021 58.0 Puts @ 1.05


My diagonal spread from Monday is working great. TSLA is uncharacteristically quiet after Monday’s gap up.
Can it last??


REGN pre earnings

#BullPutSpreads – Similar to the AAPL trade last week. Taking a directional position in the week before earnings. Manage if needed into the earnings week. Chart is starting to look pretty bullish.

Sold REGN APR 30 2021 500.0/480.0 Bull Put Spread @ 11.26 (filled instantly at better than mid so can do better)


STO May 14, 80 put at 1.95

AMZN roll up

With the call side (3250/3260 bear call spread) of my iron condor getting breached, rolled $AMZN Apr 16 3100/3090 bull put spread up to 3250/3240 @ 3.91 credit. Position is now a 3240/3250/3260 iron fly with total premium taken in 8.76/max loss 1.24.


STO April 9, 100 put at 1.11, taking a flyer on a very small trade.