TSLA Diagonal Closed

On Tuesday afternoon I Bought to Open 1 TSLA May 21 2021 975 Call / Sold to Open 1 TSLA Apr 16 2021 775 Call at $1.20 Net Credit.
Today I closed both sides @ $5.80 Credit.
Total gain in 2 days was $7.00 and it frees up significant buying power.
#WinWin with a credit in and another credit out

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX Apr 21st 4145/4165-4175/4195 iron condors for 15.40.

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Apr 16th 4085/4105-4210/4230 iron condors for .85


Anyone still in this one?

NAIL Put Close

$NAIL BTC 4/16 put at .40. STO 4/3 at 3.00


I took a small loss on my trades in both stocks. From now on I am just trading options on index ETF’s. I have never made any money trading TSLA and will ban it from my computer.

OSTK pre earnings

#ShortPuts – Just a small starter for something to do the week before earnings.

Sold OSTK APR 23 2021 67.5 Puts @ 1.10


STO August 20, 25 puts at 1.80
STO September 17, 40 puts at 3.30