TSLA Diagonal Pre-earnings

Bought to Open 1 TSLA May 21 2021 900.0 Call / Sold to Open 1 TSLA Apr 09 2021 725.0 Call @ 0.60 Credit.
The short is before earnings, the long is after earnings.
Gained about 1.20 on the spread prices by today’s close.

#BoredToDeath Trade

Closing May LABU

Bought to close 5/21 45 puts @ .80. Sold for 2.60 on 3/29.

SPXpiration ugly

#SPX1dte Expiring for 12.50 debit: $SPX Apr 5th 4065 short calls. Condors sold for 1.05 on Friday.

#SPX7dte Expired with max credit of 20.00: $SPX Apr 5th 3870/3890 long call spreads. Condors bought for 16.10 last Tuesday.


Rolled $TSLA Apr-09-2021 700/710 #BeCS // Apr-23-2021 710/720 @0.20 Debit Stock popped to 705 or so today


Rolled $AMC Apr-09-2021 14 #ShortPuts // Apr-23-2021 @0.36 Credit
Rolled $AMC Apr-09-2021 14 #CoveredCalls // Apr-23-2021 @0.39 Credit


All of the 110 calls that I sold are now covered calls. I bought the stock and the chart is breaking to the upside in spite of interest rates.


STO May 21, 70 put at 1.41

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to open $SPX Apr 9th 4050/4070-4080/4100 iron condors for 15.20, with SPX at 4076.

#SPX1dte Stop was hit at the open, and I tried to get cute and exit this morning for less than 2.00. Could have done it for about 2.20. Missed it, and now in the hole over 11.00. Only hope is for a pull back to 4065.


$O STO 4/16 65 put at .85
$O STO 5/21 62.5 put at .90
$MARA STO 4/9 54 put at 2.75

AMZN adjustment

With the call side (3250/3260 bear call spread) of my iron condor getting tested, rolled $AMZN Apr 16 2910/2900 bull put spread up to 3100/3090 @ 1.35. Total premium now 4.85/max loss 5.15.

ROKU pre earnings

#ShortPuts – Selling week before earnings, outside the expected move, and below recent lows. Should be good premium for a roll if needed.

Sold ROKU APR 30 2021 280.0 Put @ 3.90


#ShortPuts – For lack of anything else to do. Completely out of this one now a month early.

Bought to Close TQQQ MAY 7 2021 70.0 Put @ .83 (sold for 2.85)

VXX – Closing a long Put position

Sold to close VXX Apr 16 2021 10.0 Puts @ 0.15 & 0.16
Purchased this lot on January 27th @ 0.06 and have been writing against them since then.
I am scaling out of these and when they are gone I’ll start writing them

I’m still long June/September/Jan 2022/Jun 2022 Puts that I continue to write against.