Tracking Dividend Stocks for Covered Calls

Appreciate all the posts and helpful culture of the site. Hoping this might help some out.

Over the past couple of weeks I increased my focus on writing CC’s against stocks with attractive dividends. I created the attached Google sheet to help out.

Worksheet has a fair amount of automation. User is responsible to add a ticker in the proper week from Jan to Mar. Ticker gets added in the appropriate spot for Q2,Q3 and Q4. Income sheet looks up the ticker on Yahoo and returns exdiv date and yield (yield is shown as a negative for some reason as exdate and yield are in the same Yahoo cell with yield in brackets). User adds the number of shares for the ticker on the income sheet. Worksheet calculates the monthly, quarterly and annual dividend income for the tickers you own.

i find it to be a good visual tool so you can see what is coming and not get shares called away because you miss the exdiv date. It also allows me to quickly identify potential candidates on my list.

Yahoo link seems to work well….but it can be slow. If I like using I might purchase a more reliable data source.c

A picture of what the first page looks like is below. Feel free to make suggestions.

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SPY Ladder after 74 days…not making money yet….

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