JMIA Iron Condor

Sold $JMIA 5/21 20/25/40/45 iron condor @ 1.58 with the stock at 30.15. Short puts are much closer than short calls but because of call skew this is more delta neutral/slightly bullish.

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Well, day could not end worse with SPX almost precisely in middle of the Dead Zone. Had the chance to sell for over 17 near the open but wanted to wait it out for max profit of 20.00. A Screamingly bullish day denied me. So I sold put side for .90 and call side for 1.35 in the last half hour of the day. 4145/4165-4175/4195 condors bought for 15.40 last Thursday, so 13.15 loss.

#SPX1dte Expiring worthless: 4050/4070-4180/4200 condors, sold yesterday for 1.00.


#ShortPuts – One of my bigger positions so taking it on the bounce today.

Bought to Close LABU APR 23 2021 70.0 Puts @ 2.08 (sold for 4.05)

Throwing a new starter out there too.

Sold LABU MAY 14 2021 60.0 Put @ 2.45

VXX and UVXY Puts

2 Rolls today
Rolled UVXY 7.0 Puts to next week for a 0.07 Credit
Rolled VXX 11.0 Puts to next week for a 0.17 Credit

LABU Calls

As a partial offset to the short puts I sold earlier in the week,
Bought 1 LABU May 21 2021 100 Call / Sold to Open LABU Apr 23 2021 74.0 Call at $0.35 Credit
Sold 1 Sold to Open LABU Apr 23 2021 76.0 Call @ 0.65 against a long call already in the account.

That gives me 2 short straddles for this week:
Short 65.0/74.0 Straddle – total premium $3.30
Short 60.0/76.0 Straddle – total premium $2.30


#CoveredCalls – Stock was assigned at 450 but all the premium sold has reduced basis to 392.60. Rolling next week’s call to below my basis but with earnings the following week should be a decent roll opportunity if needed.

Rolled ROKU APR 30 2021 400.0 Call to APR 30 2021 370.0 Call @ 4.10 credit


ShortPuts – Earnings tomorrow. I’ll be out the rest of the week so taking this one out and down quite a bit. Selling near the expected move and closer to longer term support.

Sold BIIB MAY 21 2021 245.0 Put @ 3.50

LABU Put Roll

$LABY BTC 4/23 71 put and STO 4/30 69 put at added credit of .30

Help Me Understand (not a political post one way or another)

What do these percentages mean in actual dollars? Assume a 100 grand buy and sell in just stock. No idea how it would affect options. Based on notional? (ouch). If I’m reading this correctly it’s quite eye opening.

NIO and VIAC Covered Calls