$TLT Oct 8 150/155 bear call spread
$TQQQ Oct 8 110 put
$TQQQ Oct 8 115 put
$UVXY Oct 8 25/35 bear call spread

$SPXW Oct 8 4350/4375/4455/4480 iron condor. This trade was part of an adjustment from the original 4235/4260/4425/4450 iron condor I entered on Wed (10/6). After a put spread rollup and a re-centering of the strikes I was able to pretty much breakeven (.35 profit) but there were definitely some mistakes I made on this one. First and foremost, I did not take into account today’s jobs report; with a really busy day yesterday I just missed it. With SPX closing 25 points above the short puts yesterday I never would have left the position on overnight. I also would have kept the original trade on a much shorter leash since a big gap down today would have limited adjustment opportunities. The market’s muted reaction to the miss on the jobs report this morning allowed me to scratch the trade overall but I’m chalking this one up to fortuitousness rather than any great skill on my part. I’ll take it since I’ve certainly been on the other side of things when luck came into play but every trade is a learning experience, especially the mistakes. But I’m definitely glad to be out for an overall profit this week on SPX trades.

Have a great weekend everyone.