TQQQ 1/14

Sold to open $TQQQ Jan 14 140 put @ 2.85


Sold to open $XBI Feb 18 95 puts @ 1.80. Strike at 20 delta and at a level the underlying as seen in over a year and a half. IV very high (IV rank 65).


#CoveredCalls – Another round.

Bought to Close ARKK JAN 7 2022 98.22 Calls @ .02 (sold for 1.39)
Sold ARKK JAN 14 2022 89.22 Calls @ 1.35


STO Jan-07-22 920/900/850 put BWB @ -0.2
Small credit to reduce the risk on my call side BF. could turn into a big winner if TSLA moves further down down there tomorrow, or expire worthless.

Other than that, I closed some call side of ICs on AMZN and NFLX in Jan expiration.

AAPL short puts

Sold to open $AAPL Feb 18 155 puts @ 1.90. Delta 16. Strike is near support, about 10 points below the 50 day moving average. ER 1/27.

SPX trades

#SPX5dte Sold to close $SPX Jan 7th 4790/4810 call spreads for .50. Sold puts for 16.00 yesterday so .55 profit on the condor.



#ShortPuts – Had a chance to close this a few days ago for 90 cents but didn’t manage the winner. Gonna sit it out now with beer money.

Bought to Close TSLA JAN 21 2022 800.0 Put @ 3.33 (sold for 3.54)


Not quite a #FallingKnife with the stock technically still in an uptrend but with my short Jan 600 put likely to expire in a couple of weeks I thought I would take advantage of this increase in volatility to sell another longer term position.

Sold to open $TSLA 6/17 600 put @ 21.00.


#ShortPuts – Adding.

Sold XBI FEB 18 2022 95.0 Put @ 2.45


#JadeLizards – Taking half a couple weeks early.

Bought to Close SPY JAN 21 2022 425/473/478 Jade Lizard @ 2.36 (sold for 5.40)
Bought to Close SPY JAN 21 2022 435/473/478 Jade Lizard @ 2.77 (sold for 5.20)

LABU Early Assignment

Bought 200 Shares of LABU at $45.00 when my Jan 07 puts were exercised overnight.
After the $8.50 put premium my adjusted cost will be 36.50.
I’ll start writing covered calls there and roll up on the next bounce.