SPX idea

If you think SPX will chop around next few days, one could consider a calendar at 4750 (or 4700, or whatever level you think it will be on Friday). long 1/18 and short 1/14 for $5.5, a decent theoretical B/E range of +/- 50 points and 3:1 RR, with the 4% of IV skew

Alternative, could even take 1/24 1/14 calendar, with bigger debt, and a few more opportunities to roll. The monthly expire gives extra expiration + the weeklies.

Just thought to mention the idea here, I may not trade it myself b/c I have a few contracts that I rolled into similar structure


BTC February 25, 115 put at 3.35, sold at 5.31

It’s KOLD again

Bought KOLD Aug 19 2022 4.0 Put at $0.37
Sold to Open KOLD Jan 21 2022 8.0 Put at $0.62
Short DTE = 9
Long DTE = 219
KOLD Currently 8.23


open 1/3/2 Jan 535/520/490 for 1.0 credit. A BF that’s unbalanced and broken wing.
ER on the 20th, not sure how much additional credit could collect before then. only a few contracts.


BTC February 4, 125 put at 2.20, sold at 2.25

CCL Stock

Sold my tiny bit of CCL at $22.38. Bought on 12/01 at $17.00 and was never able to average down.
Now I’m sure it will go much higher but it’s hard to pass up a 30% gain after only a month.
Former #FallingKnife


BTC January 28, 125 put at 1.50, sold at 1.81


BTC February 18, 125 put at 4.40, sold at 4.65, Just want to reduce risk and free up margin.


BTC January 21, 125 put at .57, sold at 3.80

VXX Call

Used the tiny pop in VXX to sell more calls for this week. Partial offset to some really large short put positions.
Sold 1 VXX Jan 14 2022 19.0 Call at $0.30
Sold VXX Jan 14 2022 20.0 Calls at $0.19

VXX1 Puts

Continuing to liquidate the long side of some REALLY ancient #VXXContango trades. Sold next 2 lots and will try for higher prices.
Sold to close VXX1 Jan 21 2022 6.0 Puts at $1.66 and $1.70 .
New Life-of-contract high since the reverse split on VXX.
Bought these on 08/24/2020 at $0.66 and on 11/16/2020 at $0.32.
Equals $6.64 and $6.80 on the current strike 24 puts


Don’t want to get too heavy into this position this week because of the upcoming split.
Still, I sold 1 TQQQ Jan 14 2022 160.0 Diagonal Call at $1.00.
Hoping to keep my TQQQ Puts out of the money for 3 more days.


#ShortPuts – When I sold these so far out in time figured I’d get a chance to scalp them. Plenty of time to sell again on the next pullback.

Bought to Close SOXL FEB 25 2022 55.0 Puts @ 3.35 (sold for 4.75 and 5.25)


sto, 14 JAN 2022 69 CALL @.40
done yesterday/was road tripping.


#JadeLizards – Not sure if these will come back enough so taking gains now.

Bought to Close NFLX JAN 14 2022 510/535/540 Jade Lizard @ 3.32 (sold for 5.10)

Bought to Close TSLA JAN 21 2022 860/1050/1060 Jade Lizard @ 7.50 (sold for 10.10)