TNA Calls

Sold TNA Jan 28 2022 70.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.57 and $0.60
TNA at 59.63

SPX trades

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Jan 26th 4155/4175-4500/4520 condors for 1.95, SPX at 4352, deltas -.07 +.06, IV 36.5%

#SPX5dte Bought to Open $SPX Jan 26th 4340/4360-4370/4390 condors for 18.00, with SPX at 4353.
This is under the “5dte” moniker but it’s only a one-day trade. Pretty good bet each day will swing us at least 20 points away, but I’m only comfortable doing it away from an even 100 multiple…. SPX closes (like yesterday) seem to gravitate toward 00’s.

VXX Calls

Sold VXX Jan 28 2021 26.5 Diagonal Calls at $1.02
VXX at 23.82


For #Earnings
Sold 1 TSLA Jan 28 2022 730.0 Put at $2.29
TSLA at 948

TQQQ Covered Call Ladder

Sold TQQQ Jan 28 2022 64.0 Call at $0.48
Sold TQQQ Jan 28 2022 64.5 Call at $0.42
Sold TQQQ Jan 28 2022 65.0 Call at $0.38
TQQQ at 56

SPY head & shoulder

$SPY On 1/13 I posted about a completed head & shoulder on the daily. If we just went with pure technicals/measured move then the projected moved down would have been around 23 points from the top of the head to the neckline. Going 23 points down from there to calculate measured move would bring us to around SPY 433. Currently trading near there at 432.50.

Of course this is a minimum measured move but still notable IMO. For what it’s worth.


#LongStock – More tiny buys here. Just a few shares at a time.

Bought SOXL @ 39.60

Bought TQQQ @ 52.10


#ShortPuts – Hard to believe this thing is still above 50. Adding to the bottom of the ladder.

Sold SVXY MAR 18 2022 40.0 Put @ 2.45