Netflix Craters On Subscribers Miss, Catastrophic Guidance
Two years of stock market gains… gone

Downside Warning in effect

#VIXindicator At the close we are exceeding 50% above the Jan 4th VIX low of 16.34.


Started a tiny new position in SBUX at its 52-week low of $95.92.
#SP500 #FallingKnife

ROST Stock

Added to my tiny holding of ROST at $98.60, below the old 52-week low of $98.79
#SP500 #FallingKnife

#Earnings on Mar 01
Next target price = 93.50

VXX Call Ladder adjustment

Rolling up a small part of this week’s VXX option ladder to next week.
Bought to close 1 VXX Jan 21 2022 21.5 Call at $0.29. Sold on Tuesday at $0.46
Bought to close 1 VXX Jan 21 2022 22.0 Call at $0.21. Sold on Tuesday at $0.38

Replaced them with:
1 VXX Jan 28 2022 22.5 Call at $0.85
1 VXX Jan 28 2022 23.0 Call at $0.77

IPGP QRVO Semi Stocks

Added to my tiny holding of QRVO at $140.00, below the old 52-week low of $141.66.
Also added to my IPGP stock at $150.0, below its old 52-week low of $151.27.
Both stocks in the Semiconductor space.
#SP500 #FallingKnife


RIVN Long put closed

Sold to close 1 RIVN Jan 21 2022 65.0 Put at $0.78. Bought this last year and wrote against it multiple times, recovering the entire cost and more, but it expires tomorrow.
RIVN at 67.30


28 JAN 2022 21 PUT @1.65
trying to average down


One final rollup before earnings
Bought to close 1 TSLA Jan 21 2022 965.0 Call at $60.52. Sold last Friday on a rollup at $72.67.

Sold to Open 1 TSLA Jan 28 2022 1,000.0 Call at $60.67, added 35 points to the strike price and still got a small credit.
Hedged with a couple of Feb monthly long calls.
TSLA trading at 1025


Peloton Plunges Below IPO Price On Reports Of Production Halt

LABU Extra long Puts closed

Sold to close LABU Jan 21 2022 25.0 Puts at $4.10 as they expire tomorrow.
Bought these on 12/20/2021 at $0.82.
This gain makes up part of the loss on my holding LABU stock from some put assignments.

NFLX earnings

#ShortPuts – Going out to the monthlies and selling nearly twice the expected move and about 20 percent lower than where it’s currently trading. And…40 percent off all time highs.

Sold NFLX FEB 18 2022 425.0 Put @ 3.25


Sold 1 TSLA Jan 21 2022 965.0 Diagonal Put at $1.60.
Expires tomorrow and I have a short call for this week at the same strike that I am trying to roll up.
TSLA at 1035

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX Jan 20th (monthlys) 4415/4435-4665/4685 condors for .25. Sold yesterday for 1.30. Closed to avoid Friday morning gap risk.

Will sell one for Friday PM in a bit.


BTC January 21, 45 puts at .01, these were 90 puts sold at 1.24 in my IRA

LABU early assignment

Assigned on one of my LABU 34.0 Puts last night. Adjusted cost after put premium is 23.90.
Sold LABU 01/21/2022 25.0 Covered Calls at $0.07 as a scalp against this lot and some other LABU in the account.
I will revisit this position next week to determine where to sell my next set of Covered Calls

TQQQ, BTC January 21, 50…

TQQQ, BTC January 21, 50 put at .01, sold at 1.05 when these were the 100 puts.

XLV Puts

Rolling down these puts again for a credit
Bought to close XLV Jan 21 2022 135.0 Puts / Sold to Open XLV Jan 28 2022 134.5 Puts at $0.12 Credit.
Sold these against March long puts. Plenty of rolls left.

My short XLV 132 and 130 puts are looking like they will expire tomorrow unless the market collapses again.


#LongStock – Sold my uncovered shares @ 39.47 (basis 39.00)


#CoveredCalls – I’ll be assigned a tiny bit of stock (unless we rally like crazy today and tomorrow). Selling the covered calls early with plenty of downside protection.

Sold TQQQ JAN 28 2022 65.0 Calls @ 4.55


Sold TNA Jan 21 2022 70.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.42
Sold TQQQ Jan 21 2022 70.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.37
I’ve got a lot of short puts in both. Daring Mr. Market to come get these 🙂