Well, my same-day gamble paid off and helped mitigate my loss on my one-day long condor. First one I sold in a few weeks, and sure enough, it was another loss. The range on each tick today was so big I just didn’t have the confidence to play the swings.

Expired for credit of 12.74: Jan 26th 4360/4340 put spreads. Condors bought yesterday for 18.00, so loss of 5.26.
Expired worthless: 4490/4510 call spreads, sold earlier today for 4.00.
Expired worthless: 4155/4175-4500/4520 condors, sold yesterday for 1.95.

So only a .69 profit for the day.

VXX Calls

Puts this morning, more calls now
Sold VXX Jan 28 2022 27.0 Calls at $0.94.
VXX at 24.33

PAYC Stock

Started a new tiny position in PAYC at $298.23 as it reached its 52-week low
#SP500 #FallingKnife


#CoveredCalls – Another batch.

Bought to Close SOXL JAN 28 2022 55.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 2.53)
Sold SOXL FEB 4 2022 48.5 Calls @ 1.35


On the FED market bump:
Sold RIVN Jan 28 2022 73.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.58
Sold RIVN Jan 28 2022 70.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.74
Sold TNA Jan 28 2022 67.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.75


And here comes the $VIX and /VX futures back down

Fed decision…

…in 5 minutes (2pm ET, 11am PT)

LABU Covered Calls

Sold LABU Jan 28 2022 25.0 Covered Calls at $0.17


BTC February 45 put at 1.99, sold at 2.03, happy to take the risk off the table. I have 3 more positions to cover in the TQQQ and I will be flat in the TQQQ.

VXX Puts

All my short VXX Puts are gone so I’m starting a new Spread
Bought to open VXX Mar 18 2022 14.0 Puts at $0.19
Sold to Open VXX Jan 28 2022 20.0 Puts at $0.29
Long DTE = 51
Short DTE = 2
No margin cost because of all my VXX Bear Call Spreads


What’s more fun to ridicule than just one ARKK ETF? A 2x leveraged ARKK ETF that experiences twice the “performance” of its underlying.

Though we’re not sure why anyone would want to replicate ARKK’s performance to a 2x degree, but for the idea that the “Innovation” ETF is due for a massive rebound, that appears to be exactly what is happening.

A filing on Tuesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission has introduced the AXS 2X Innovation exchange-traded fund (ticker TARK), which seeks to target 200% of the “performance” of the ARK Innovation Fund, according to Bloomberg Wednesday morning.


#CoveredCalls – Covering the shares I’ve been dip buying.

Sold SOXL FEB 4 2022 47.5 Call @ 2.65

Sold TQQQ FEB 4 2022 60.0 Call @ 2.50


#Earnings tonight for those still interested

Here’s what analysts expect from the results, according to consensus estimates compiled by Bloomberg:
Revenue: $16.64 billion expected vs. $13.76 billion previous
Adjusted earnings per share: $2.37 expected vs. $1.86 previous

ILMN Stock

Another #SP500 stock at a new low
Started a tiny position in ILMN at $341.03.


#LongStock – More tiny buys after hours yesterday on the MSFT dip.

Bought SOXL @ 39.60

Bought TQQQ @ 51.25