VXX Puts

Paired with numerous call sales this morning
Sold VXX Jan 14 2022 17.5 Puts at $0.15, $0.16 & $0.17


#ShortPuts – Scalp enough small ones and they start adding up.

Bought to Close SVXY FEB 18 2022 50.0 Put @ 1.30 (sold this morning for 2.10)

Bought to Close SPY FEB 18 2022 435.0 Put @ 3.30 (sold this morning @ 4.45)


After the expiration of my TSLA 01/07/2022 1125.0 Diagonal Call on Friday I was left with a long TSLA Jan 21 2022 1200.0 Call trading at about 6 points. Since this position expires before #Earnings week I’m pretty certain that this position will expire worthless. It is more than paid for from previous writes against it since late November.
Instead of selling it, I’m chancing one more #DoubleDip write for this week. Who knows where it will be on Friday, but I sold some pretty aggressive TSLA puts this morning, so this will give me an extra diagonal Call spread to pair off with the puts.

Sold 1 TSLA Jan 14 2022 1,130.0 Call at $5.75


#LongStock – Not a big position but still a fun little scalp.

Sold stock @ 140.28 (bought this morning for 134.60)

TQQQ 2/25

Sold to open $TQQQ Feb 25 110 put @ 5.55

Rolling TQQQ

Rolled $TQQQ Jan 14 140 put down 15 points and out to 2/18 125 put @ 1.60 credit.


Started a tiny new position in ROST at $103.60
Added to my TMUS position at $106.70
Back into TTWO at $140.80 after exiting it last October at $175.55.
All these buys were at new 52-week Lows (surprised that there weren’t more this morning)

VXX Call Ladder

I have a bunch of excess long calls left over from last week’s diagonal spreads.
Starting to write against them
Sold 1 VXX Jan 14 2022 21.0 Call at $0.98
Sold 1 VXX Jan 14 2022 21.5 Call at $0.82
Sold 1 VXX Jan 14 2022 22.0 Call at $0.71

XLV Put spreads again

Bought to open XLV Mar 18 2022 115 Put / Sold to Open XLV Jan 14 2022 132.5 Put at $0.08 Credit
Bought to open XLV Mar 18 2022 116 Put / Sold to Open XLV Jan 14 2022 132.5 Put at $0.10 Credit


Sold TLRY Jan 14 2022 10.5 Covered Calls @ 0.08


With two TSLA Bear Call Spreads already in place I added a couple of Diagonal Puts on the open.
Sold 1 TSLA Jan 14 2022 800.0 Put at $2.37 against an existing Jan 710 Put. #TripleDip

Bought to Open 1 TSLA Feb 04 2022 730.0 Put / Sold to Open 1 TSLA Jan 14 2022 900.0 Put at $0.55 Credit.
This gets one of my long put positions out past earnings.


#ShortPuts – Starter.

Sold SVXY FEB 18 2022 50.0 Put @ 2.10


#LongStock – Tiny little buy @ 134.60 with the split coming Thursday. If I had to estimate this would be about 5 percent size.

Closing AMC

Bought to close $AMC Jan 21 22 puts @ 2.12. Sold for 2.30 on 12/17.

SPX trades

#SPX1dte STOPPED Bought to close $SPX Jan 10th 4605/4585 put spreads for 6.75. Condors sold for 1.25 on Friday. My two month slide of misery continues. As I posted earlier the $VIX really has not spiked until today, meaning my condors have not been wide enough for this dropping market. Last week I stopped trading the #SPX5dte due to persistent losses, but the 1-dte trades have ALSO been failing at an usually bad rate lately.

Closing AMZN

Bought to close $AMZN Jan 21 3150/3200/3800/3850 iron condor @ 26.55. Sold for 14.40 on 12/9.


#ShortPuts – Back to the old standby trade for implosions. Selling the expected move and below the 200 day. Starter position…

Sold SPY FEB 18 2022 435.0 Put @ 4.45

VIX Indicator

#VIXindicator This is probably the biggest drop I’ve seen since creating this indicator wherein an Upside Warning has not been canceled. It may be time to look at some of the rules and whether the behavior of $VIX and market over past couple years calls for some tweaks.