Upside coming?

#VIXIndicator – Looks like we will get an Upside Warning at the close.

I have posted for the last two years about #DoubleHeaders, where we get a Downside Warning canceled, followed by another DW without an Upside in between. They have become more common and I have been getting a bigger database to analyze. I missed an Upside Warning on May 27th. The SPX closed at 3036 that day, then ran up to its recent high of 3233 on June 8th. After that, I tweaked the Indicator again so we can catch the rallies in the #DoubleHeader environment.

So if $VIX closes below 28.02 today, we can expect another run up. However I would say it is a less reliable Upside Warning with VIX still in the high 20’s.