Episode 12 – Adda Girl

Charlize Theron and pals cheat death, Tom Hanks navigates a deadly game of chess, and could it be that grandma is possessed? Michelle Staley Mahony joins Kevin & Jeff with New Music Picks, streaming picks, plus a video exclusive: “Guess the 80’s music video”. More details, the video, playlists and links at https://thepickcast.com

Econ Calendar for week of 8/3/20

#Jobs report is Friday

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 1.06.07 PM
Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 1.06.07 PM

Link to calendar: https://research.investors.com/economic-calendar/

Earnings expirations

#Earnings. Breaking alm ost even as these both expire:

$NOW July 31st 425/420 put spread, sold Wednesday for 1.40.
$AMZN July 31st 3050/3080/3110 Iron Butterfly, sold yesterday for 28.45, so loss of 1.55


APT 23.0, 24.0, 25.0 CALLS STO @.40, .80, .62
DAL 28.0 CALLS STO @.80
KHC 33.0 PUTS STO @.37
KHC 37.0 CALLS STO @.47
THC 27.0, 27.5 CALLS STO @.43, .40
THC 24.5, 25.5 PUTS STO @.40, .35


OX $NOW Jul-31-20 405/415 #BuPS STO before earnings @1.40. Thanks for data @jeffcp66


AAL 07/31/2020 13.50 Covered Call
ADS 07/31/2020 51.00 Covered Calls
KSS 07/31/2020 21.50 Covered Calls
KSS 07/31/2020 22.00 Diagonal Calls
MRO 07/31/2020 5.50 Covered Calls
SLB 07/31/2020 20.00 Covered Calls
SQQQ 07/31/2020 8.50 Covered Calls
WBA 07/31/2020 41.50 Covered Calls
VXX 07/31/2020 32.00 Diagonal Calls
VXX 07/31/2020 33.00 Diagonal Calls
VXX 07/31/2020 37.00 Diagonal Calls

VXX 07/31/2020 28.00 Diagonal Puts
VXX 07/31/2020 27.50 Diagonal Puts



$SPX STO 8/3 3145/3165/3310/3330 at 1.05

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Although NOT long this time. When setting up this trade it was going for 19.00… the most I ever paid was about 18.40. I don’t know why it is so expensive but I’m guessing it’s because next Friday is the jobs report. So, I sold it instead. I will watch all week to look for an exit… I will not be waiting for the miniscule chance of a big win next Friday.

Sold to Open $SPX Aug 7th 3235/3255-3265/3285 condors for 18.95, with SPX at 3260.

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Aug 3rd 3165/3185-3310/3330 condors for 1.05, with SPX at 3260. IV 11.95%, deltas -.06,+.06


10 minutes before the close the short calls crawled ITM so I rolled
Bought to close VIAC 07/31/2020 26.0 Calls / Sold VIAC 08/07/2020 28.0 Calls @ 0.44 Credit PLUS two more points on the strike price.
#Earnings next week.


#ShortPuts #CoveredCalls – Bringing in some nice cash while continuing to stay aggressive every week…

Bought to Close UVXY JUL 31 2020 25.5 Calls @ .17 (sold for 4.90)
Sold UVXY AUG 7 2020 26.0 Calls @ 1.45

In a different account:
Rolled UVXY JUL 31 2020 26.0 Puts to UVXY AUG 7 2020 24.0 Puts @ .24 credit (1.26 total now)

SPCE Earnings (early)

#BullPutSpreads – Stock is weak today so putting on my earnings trade now. Taking a shot at a rally but really covering my butt in case of an implosion. Same as all the other ITM spreads I sell. If it implodes I’ll close the long side right at the close Friday and let the shorts get assigned. Should have a basis around a dollar above where the stock ends no matter how far it drops.

Long story short…if it’s below my spread at expiration then the lower the better.

Sold SPCE AUG 7 2020 25.0/22.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.00


WY STO 8/7/2027.0 PUTS @.35
STNE STO 8/7/20 CALLS @.45


#CoveredCalls – Rolled some sold some. I won’t bore you with the details. Still plugging along. WYNN earnings next week.


MS STO 8/7/20 49.0 PUTS @1.20 gee whiz’s roll out post gave me the idea. Thanks, and have a great and safe weekend.
It has been increasingly hard to find short call candidates without it being NTM.

SPY #shortputs STO SPY Sep30’20…

STO SPY Sep30’20 270 PUT @2.35

TQQQ STO TQQQ Sep18’20 60…

STO TQQQ Sep18’20 60 PUT @1.20

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong This is the fourth trade in a row for this strategy where I’ve been faced with the danger zone at expiration. I have to make a choice as to whether we are going to finish the day higher or lower, and I chose lower. I am, however, notorious for making the wrong choice in these spots. So look for a higher close!

Sold to close $SPX July 31st 3215/3235 call spreads for 12.20. Already looking like I’m wrong as we have a small spike higher and this can be closed for a lot more now. Condors bought last Friday for 17.55. Looking for a further move down so I can close the put side for a decent credit. If I’m wrong then my loss is locked in.

MS Put Rolled

$MS BTC 7/31 50 put and STO 8/7 50 put at .30 added credit


#IronCondor – Following @Ramie but I’m a weenie selling 2x the expected move… 🙂

Sold AMZN AUG 21 2020 2650.0/2700.00/3700/3750 Iron Condor @ 3.15

VXX puts

Sold VXX 08/07/2020 27.00 Puts @ 0.60. Sold these against already paid for 2021 long puts.

AMZN Post-Earnings Condor

Sold $AMZN 8/21 2900/2950//3500/3550 iron condor @ 13.89, short strikes around 17 delta. IV still elevated (IVR 52).

AAPL Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings #OneNightStand – Shut the door on your way out. See ya next time!

Bought to Close AAPL AUG 21 2020 350.0 Put @ .95 (sold for 3.75)


Rolling into earning week
Bought to close VIAC 07/31/2020 24.0 Calls / Sold VIAC 08/07/2020 24.0 Calls @ 0.52 Credit