New VXX Diagonal

Sold 1 VXX Sep 04 2020 28 Call / Bought 1 VXX Sep 25 2020 50 Call @ 0.15 Credit


Big ramp up is SPY plus a big move up in VIX/VXX

Today’s all-time-high in the S&P 500 was accompanied by the highest level ever for VIX at an all-time high stock print…

How long can this last?


STO October 16, 90 puts at 1.30, stock is at 142 but, earnings are tonight.


#ShortPuts – Booking and selling some more. These are replacing some stock that will get called away over the weekend at breakeven. Had been selling DITM calls against it but not very rollable now. Resetting with new short puts.

Bought to Close UVXY SEP 4 2020 21.0 Puts @ .12 (sold for .54)
Sold UVXY SEP 11 2020 22.0 Puts @ 1.16

CRWD earnings

#Earnings. Aggressive put spread: Sold to Open $CRWD Sept 4th 150/145 put spreads for 3.20.

SPX timing indicator

For all you signal traders, I hope you’ve been paying attention. Apparently I’m getting good at this. As soon as I put on a new SPX condor, the index immediately ran up about 25 points.

Let me know when you’re ready for a pullback and I’ll sell a put spread or something. Happy to help.


#CoveredCalls – Picking up some upside…

Rolled UVXY SEP 11 2020 20.0 Calls to UVXY SEP 18 2020 21.0 Calls @ .15 credit

FIVE earnings

#Earnings Sold to Open $FIVE Sept 4th 107/112-135/140 condors for 1.661 (avg price). Bullish lean based on past performance, and market’s direction.

WYNN put spread

Sold $WYNN 10/16 80/70 bull put spread @ 2.88. Short puts 31 delta.

SPX-Starting again

Was out of trading this for a long time but apparently I just can’t stay away now.
Channeling the short memory of a defensive back that got burned, and initiating a new 3 day trade:
Sold $SPX 9/4 3475/3500/3600/3625 iron condor @ 4.35. Short puts 15 delta, short calls 16 delta. SPX around 3558.

Throwing in the towel on SPX

With SPX going up again, bought to close 9/9 3450/3475//3540/3565 @ 16.76. Feel free to consider this your signal to sell the market.

Will reinitiate with something probably later today.


Sold MSFT 1 x 3 x 2 SEP 25 2020: 230 / 225 / 220 PUT Unbalanced Butterfly @ 1.35 credit.

No risk to the upside. Downside breakeven point @ $222.

Adjustment plan when (if) MSFT goes lower, close out the 1 x 230 / 225 put spread for a credit, add a 2 x upside call credit spread to match the leftover 225 / 220 put spread, creating an Iron Condor.


DOCU Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – Going out a couple weeks for a lower sale…

Sold DOCU SEP 18 2020 190.0 Put @ 3.30


#ShortPuts – Still hedging a little…

Bought to Close UVXY SEP 4 2020 20.0 Puts @ .05 (sold for .72)
Sold UVXY SEP 11 2020 21.5 Puts @ 1.17


#ShortStrangles – Stopped out at over 50 percent max. Based on pre-split prices…

Bought to Close TSLA SEP 4 2020 1750.0/3400.0 Strangle @ 5.55 (sold for 12.20)

#earningsCRWD STO 11 Sep BuPS…

STO 11 Sep BuPS 115/120 for 1.63
Short delta .24
Reports tonight
Hoping for, and a participant in, continued irrational tech speculation.


/VX Futures, VIX and VXX all up again

Really afraid of the VIX move if the SPY were to actually go down


New diagonal call spread to go along with my covered calls @ 38 and my Put diagonal spread @ 37.
Bought WDC Oct 16 2020 47.5 Calls / Sold WDC Sep 04 2020 38.5 Calls @ 0.21 Credit.
If the stock stays up I will roll the covered calls and the diagonal calls out while the puts expire.
All the shorts expire with the stock ending the week between 37 and 38


Sold 1 SQQQ Sep 04 2020 19 Put @ 0.22 on the open when the stock got down to 19.55

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Sept 2nd 3560/3580 call spreads for .95. Condors sold yesterday for 1.10. Stop hit at the open.