#ShortStrangles – Added another call for additional premium…

Sold NFLX SEP 18 2020 505.0 Call @ 1.85

Strangle is now 475 put and 600, 550, and 505 calls (10.25 total)


#ShortPuts – Out most of the day but did manage one more trade. Taking this off after after selling it Friday.

Bought to Close TSLA SEP 18 2020 330.0 Put @ 1.00 (sold for 5.40)

NVAX Calls / MRVL Straddle

$NVAX STO 9/18 110 calls at 2.60

$MRVL STO 9/25 40 straddle at 2.30

VXX Calls

Sold VXX Sep 18 2020 30 Calls at $0.31
Sold VXX Sep 18 2020 30.50 Calls at $0.27
Sold VXX Sep 18 2020 31 Calls at $0.24.

Paired with a boatload of short puts for this week and hedged with Oct/Nov long calls
VXX is at 25.07

SPX Iron Condor

Sold $SPX Sep 21: 3260 / 3280 – 3500 / 3520 Iron Condor @ $5.15

Call it Fat Finger Freud – I meant to sell the October 02 strikes! I was thinking of the SPX calendars I was in the process of selling using the Sep 21 strikes. But hey, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”


SPX stopped

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Sept 14th 3415/3435 call spreads for .80. Was away with the order put in, would have ridden it lower if I could have managed it. Sold for 1.20 on Friday.



Bought to close all my VXX Sep 18 2020 80.00 Calls at $0.01.
During the last VXX run I liquidated a long in this contract and turned around and shorted it as a low risk sale against October/November longs.
I’m now free of this short and ready for another VIX spike.

SPY Call Rolled

Bought to close 1 SPY 09/14/2020 333.0 Diagonal Call / Sold 1 09/16/2020 334.0 Diagonal Call @ 0.04 Credit Plus one more point higher on the short strike.

The long side hedge is an October 16 2020 345.0 Call

Closing LABU

Bought to close 10/16 30 puts @ .40. Sold for 2.00 on 9/4. I’m completely out of this underlying now but they’ve all been profitable since I started dabbling (thanks @fuzzballl !) Will wait for a pullback to put any new positions on.

HAL Put Rolled

$HAL BTC 9/18 16 put and STO 9/25 16 put at added .o5 credit.

Closing BABA

$BABA Bought to close 9/18 270/280/290 iron butterfly @ 7.04. This was an adjusted position that began as a 225/235/280/290 iron condor that I had to start playing defense on, a few days after I entered on 8/20. The bull put spread was rolled up 3 times until the position became an iron fly with 7.16 in premium taken in. Closing today for 7.04 allows me to take the whole thing off for near breakeven.

SPX calendar

Sell Sep 21 / Oct 05 $3400 SPX call calendar @ $26.45 debit.

TDOC Put Closed / SQ Calls / KR Put Rolled

$TDOC BTC 9/18 180 put at 1.40. STO at 3.10. Thank you @fuzzballl
$KR BTC 9/18 35 put and STO 9/25 put at .11 added credit

$SQ STO 9/18 144 call at 2.40


Goes EX-Dividend for 0.60 tonight.
I’ve got CINF Sep 65.0 Covered Calls I suspect will be assigned early. Almost impossible to roll out a month for any premium so I guess I’ll take the cash influx and the profit on the stock.

I also have a Sep 70/75 Bull Call spread.
I did exercise the long side to prevent the short side getting assigned and costing me the dividend.

The best outcome is if they don’t exercise the short 75.0 Call and I get the dividend on the long stock and they still take me out of the stock position at 75.0 on Friday.


#ShortPuts – Bought to Close LABU SEP 18 2020 40.0 Put @ .10 (sold for 1.30)

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX Sept 14 3360/3340 put spreads for 1.05. Banking on the 3370/3390 call side for close. Condors bought for 18.25 last Tuesday.

Bought to Open $SPX Sept 18th 3370/3390-3400/3420 condors for 17.60, with SPX at 3395.

#SPX1dte – watching call side for today’s short condor closely as stop level has been breached.

#rolling #longcalldiagonals SPY Rolled Sept….

#rolling #longcalldiagonals SPY

Rolled Sept. 16, 345 call to Sept. 18 for .48, long is Oct. 23, 360

VIAC – They really wanted that dividend

Not only were my VIAC 09/11 23.00 Covered Calls assigned, but also my VIAC 09/18 23.00 Covered Calls, and even my 09/25 24.00 Diagonal calls (had to cover the resulting short this morning).

All that for 0.24