#ShortPuts – A couple late fills…

Bought to Close ADBE SEP 25 2020 440.0 Put @ .75 (sold for 2.44)
Bought to Close TDOC SEP 25 2020 187.5 Put @ .43 (sold for 2.30)


ShortStrangles – Booking for a small profit. Covers my probable .55 loss in the iron fly.

Bought to Close TSLA SEP 25 2020 350.0/570.0 Strangle 3.35 (sold for 4.10)

SPX trades

#SPX1dte STOPPED $SPX Sept 23rd 3240/3220 put spreads for 1.55. Condors sold yesterday for 1.20

#SPX7dteLong Expiring: $SPX Sept 23rd 3335/3315 put spreads for max credit of 20.00. Condors bought last Thursday for 17.55


Sold VXX Sep 25 2020 30.50 Calls at $0.13.
Balancing out short puts.
Hedged with Nov long calls.


#ShortPuts – Adding shorter term but slightly higher strike. At the expected move near recent lows and below the 200ma.

Sold LABU OCT 02 2020 45.0 Put @ 1.32


AAPL BTO STOCK @109.47, 109.65, 109.67, In increments of 25 shares each.

Closing DOCU

Bought to close $DOCU 10/16 180/170 bull put spread @ .90. Sold for 2.28 on 9/11.


In our first attempt to “getaway” since this whole mess started, I will be away with the wife for two nights in a forest cabin. No internet or cell signal. We leave today after the market and will return Friday, so I will be logging in before Friday’s close to place a Monday trade. Please watch over Bistro while I’m gone!

ULTA, Last week I called…

ULTA, Last week I called ULTA a pig. I am sorry that I insulted pigs. I hope to get out of this stock around 2025 if I am lucky.


#ShortPuts – Still staying very short term. Selling at the expected move and below recent lows. Also a couple weeks prior to earnings…

Sold NFLX OCT 02 2020 450.0 Put @ 3.60


#ShortPuts – Bought to Close DOCU SEP 25 2020 177.5 Put @ .10 (sold for 2.50)


Sold 1 SPY Sep 25 2020 334.00 Diagonal Call @ 1.16.

I have SPY 332, 333, & 334 short diagonal calls hopefully expiring today


Big move in WDC this morning. Up almost 10%
Wrote my covered Calls way too early.
Sold WDC Sep 25 2020 41 Calls at $0.22