SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Sept 18th 3225/3245-3435/3455 condors for .95, IV 25.8%, SPX 3353, deltas -.06,+.06

EWZ extension

I love the issuance of new LEAPs. The process of price discovery is in its infancy, and nobody quite understands fair value (I certainly don’t!). An EWZ ATM 7 DTE straddle (my selling vehicle du jour) can generally be sold for roughly $1.25.

If I look at my current asset to sell straddles against – the Jan 2022 $27 call / $37 put strangle which cost $16.70, I just closed that out for $16.10 and then BTO the Jan 2023 same strike strangle @ $18.75.

So I get 52 weeks additional selling opportunities at around $1.00 (being conservative) for an extra $2.65. That seems to imply that 3 winning weeks of straddle sales pays for the strangle extension.

Maybe XMAS does come early?

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX Sept 23rd 3315/3335-3345/3365 condors for 17.55, with SPX at 3338.


BTC September 25, 90 puts at 1.10, sold at 4.05
I may not have another trade until after the election.

VXX New Diagonal Put

Bought to open Jun 18 2021 10.0 Puts / Sold Sep 25 2020 23.50 Puts @ 0.07 Credit.

Looking to add to my stable of “free” 2021 long puts

CC Bull engulfing and high…

CC Bull engulfing and high for the year today. Broke thru top Bollinger Band too.

TRADES: Fools rush in where…

TRADES: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. ;>)


VXX – preparing for November

Bought to open 12/18/2020 80.0 Call @ 0.70
Bought to open 12/18/2020 70.0 Call @ 0.90

So I guess the 09/18/2020 calls I sold this morning covers part of the cost of these.

NIO Covered Call

NIO is looking like a good stock for CC strategy. Lots of volatility on the stock, good premiums on the options. 8.9% return in 29 days…..so far. Had 1,000 shares called away at $17.50 and replaced them and doubled down with 2,000 shares and covered with Sep 18 $18.

#coveredcalls-2, #nio


Rolled Sep-18-2020 58 #Covered Calls // Oct-16-2020 @1.65 Credit.

#shortputs OXY Sold Oct. 16,…

#shortputs OXY

Sold Oct. 16, 10 put for .26. On Oct. 15 I will receive a dividend payment of .01 for my underwater shares!

AMAZ CC Sep 18 $3200 Roll down to $3000 for $43.10 credit

Defensive roll down to protect what has been a profitable trade over the past 123 days. $3200 was down to $2 offering minimal downside protection. Over the past two weeks I have rolled down from $3400 to $3300, $3200 and now $3000. Roll downs have helped ….much more fun rolling up!

VXX on the open

Sold VXX Sep 18 2020 28.5 Calls @ 0.23
Sold VXX Sep 18 2020 29.0 Calls @ 0.17
VXX open 25.73