Sourcing Investment Ideas

Based on the recent posting by Jeff about “sharing” I wanted to share a source I have been using for investment ideas. I am not affiliated in any way with the site other than a follower.

Site is

Author of the site does a great job of identifying covered call opportunities. In a typical month he will come up with five to ten trades. He posts on the same day he trades with detailed explanations on his reason and goal for the trade.

Although I don’t follow his trades exactly (I am a bit more optimistic on my strike prices) I feel he does an excellent job in finding the trades. I currently have five open positions following his trades (all covered calls). I typically roll my strikes and keep my positions open for longer periods of time. He is more of a single position strategy person and doesn’t roll very often. His success rate is amazingly high.

Check him out….it has been a good source for me.

Hope this can help someone make some money!