SPX 5dte

#SPX5dte, Well, since the day I posted my recent success with the strategy, it has basically been a disaster. In the almost two years since I started this, there has never been such a string of expirations that end in or near the dead zone. I have been hesitant to stop because I’m quite sure that as soon as I do, it will become viable again. But I really don’t have any choice now. I still have trades on for Friday and Monday, but I have to stop placing new ones. I’ll take some time to assess the results and the strategy as a whole.

I will continue to trade with #SPX1dte, as that strategy is doing fine, despite some recent losses due to my mistakes.

I know some of you have followed me on this strategy, but don’t post your experience. I would ask that if you are doing this, to please comment with your experiences and trades. If you have learned from me or anyone on this site, and have had success by following, I think it is only fair that you return the favor and share your experience.

I say this because I got an email from someone saying they had followed me on SPX5dte and found some success with certain adjustments… adjustments that I had not thought of or used. I asked him to please post in the room and share, but he disappeared.

So please, if you learn and make money from following us, share your experiences!