Because of the weak market this week, mostly Calls expired and Puts had to be rolled. Short trading week next week.

RIVN 90 Diagonal Call
RIVN 91 Diagonal Call
TLRY 10.50 Covered Calls
TNA 98/84 Bear Call Spread
TNA 82 Diagonal Call
TNA 81 Diagonal Call
TQQQ 95/80 Bear Call Spreads
TQQQ 79.50 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 78.75 Diagonal Calls
TSLA 1,130 Diagonal Call
TSLA 840 Diagonal Put
TSLA 800 Diagonal Put
VXX 39/22 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 35/22 Bear Call Spread
VXX 21.5 Diagonal Calls
VXX 21.0 Diagonal Calls
VXX 20.0 Diagonal Calls
VXX 19.0 Diagonal Calls
VXX 18.50 Diagonal Calls – just barely
VXX 17.50 Diagonal Puts
VXX 17.00 Diagonal Puts
XVL 132.50 Diagonal Puts