The Rest of the Day

Closed early
$SPX BTC 2490/2465 BECS @.30 at 82% profit

$NTES STO 7/21 325 call BTC 6/16 310 call @2.71 credit
$AMZN STO 6/23 1030/1020 BECS @1.90 Bridget @OMM

$CLVS STO 7/21 50 put @ 6.50
$COST STO 160/165 BUPS @1.30 Thank you @rknight52

Long day

Rather than click the like…

Rather than click the like button on all your expirations I will just say impressive!

It would be interesting to figure out the total value of all the expiring options for the entire group and the value of all the sold options in a week. Awesome!

Keep selling and we can all keep feeding each other ideas.

Cheers, Chris


Afternoon all.  Posting late as I have been out doing “Good Hubby Duties” today.
June 16th 100 Puts
June 16th 120 Puts
June 16th 125 Puts.
All the other shorts were closed earlier in the week.
Have a wonderful weekend.  Catch you next Monday.

#OptionsExpiration for 6/16 $AAOI 06/16/2017…

#OptionsExpiration for 6/16
$AAOI 06/16/2017 55 puts
$AMZN 06/16/2017 1020 calls (covered)
$DUST 06/16/2017 65 calls
$NVDA 06/16/2017 170 calls
$NVDA 06/16/2017 162.50 calls
$QQQ 06/16/2017 132 puts
$QQQ 06/16/2017 133 puts
$SVXY 06/16/2017 175 calls
$SVXY 06/16/2017 68 puts
$SVXY 06/16/2017 85 puts
$SVXY 06/16/2017 90 puts
$SVXY 06/16/2017 95 puts
$SVXY 06/16/2017 125 puts
$SVXY 06/16/2017 130 puts
$TSLA 06/16/2017 300 puts
$TWLO 06/16/2017 23 puts

No assignments.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Expiration (not me yet, some stocks)

$AZO 720 call (#earnings trade)
$TMUS 67 call (covered)
$SFM 25 call (covered) Holding stock and seeing if $AMZN needs stores on West Coast
$MOMO 41 call
$THO 110 call (#earnings trade)
$AMD 10 put
$TMUS 62.50 put
$SVXY 94 put
$SVXY 95 put
$SVXY 100 put
$SVXY 110 put
$SVXY 120 put
$SVXY 123 put
$MOMO 35 put
$UBNT 35 put
$THO 80 put (#Earnings play)
$PLAY 65 put (#Earnings play)
$BLUE 95 put

$WYNN 110/120 BUPS
$GS 215/220 BUPS
$FB 140/145 BUPS
$FB 148/150 BUPS
$BABA 115/120 BUPS

$SJM 140/130 BECS

Expired with total loss (See @jeffcp66 comments on selling early)
$NVDA 140/135 BECS
$NFLX 155/160 BECS

$SJM @130 Basis 127.61

Have a great weekend and a terrific Father’s Day to all celebrating.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign I had one and a third spreads close right at and after the bell…

SPX June 23rd 2465/2490 call spreads, 1/3 of my position closed for .20. Sold for 1.80 on Tuesday.
SPX July 7th 2490/2515 call spreads, full order closed for .20. Sold for 1.40 on June 9th

Kind of odd that call spreads started closing as the market was still moving UP after the close.

I decided to replace the July 7th spreads, rolling it down, in effect:
Sold SPX July 7th 2455/2480 call spreads for 4.25.

Bon Soir

Everyone have a nice weekend and we get to sell more puts and calls next week.