SPX trades today

#SPXcampaign The morning did not fill me on July 7th spreads I was trying for and then the afternoon was too flat. Will try tomorrow. I made an #ITMroll today:

Bought to close $SPX June 12th 2410/2435 call spreads for 19.65. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 7.55 on May 19th.
Sold to Open SPX June 19th 2415/2440 call spreads for 16.40, and June 19th 2400/2375 put spreads for 2.05. Fell a buck short on a breakeven roll since the market took a dive into the close.

$SPX #spxcampaign Sold a 2340/2360…

$SPX #spxcampaign Sold a 2340/2360 Bull Put spread @ 0.85 This was filled near the close in that end of day sag.

#FallingKnife candidates today $SNI $NFX…

#FallingKnife candidates today $SNI $NFX $XEC


#ShortPuts #IRA – Trying to bounce here at the 200 but I’d buy it lower if that doesn’t hold…

Sold URI JAN 19 2018 85.0 Put @ 4.20
Sold URI JAN 19 2018 80.0 Put @ 3.10
Sold URI JAN 19 2018 75.0 Put @ 2.30

#VXX game IRA sold Jun…

#VXX game

IRA sold Jun 16 SVXY 130 put @ 1.10

rolled TSO Jun 16 80 put to Jul 14 81 put at 0.88. Originally sold for 1.03 about 3 weeks ago.

That’s all I can do until Friday expiration when next batch of ladders expire or if something moves a lot between now and then.


BTC June 16, 30 puts @.05, sold at 1.70

NVDA adjustment

#ShortStrangles – Still looks to be headed to 150 so still rolling puts up. Overall position nicely profitable so waiting for a little more theta to get out.

Rolled Jun monthly 147 puts up to 150 @ 1.70 credit.

Current position now 150 straddles @ 10.83