SPX chart and VIX Indicator…

SPX chart and VIX Indicator have been updated

SPX Campaign Expiration and Trades

Yesterday’s Expiration
$SPX 6/21 2360/2385 BUPS
Closed Early
$SPX BTC 6/23 2475/2450 BECS @ .50 73% profit
$SPX STO 6/30 2390/2415 BUPS @ 3.20 Thank you @jeffcp66


#ShortPuts Popping in to catch the close. Been out mowing most of the day wanting to get it done before the current trpoical storm gets here.  Had this on my list.  Sold to open July 32 Puts @ 0.90.

COST calls

Sold $COST 7/21 165 calls @ 1.57, to bring in premium against the 160 puts I sold last week.


In anticipation of the next split I’m selling the rest of this position. Order has been in for awhile but wasn’t getting filled so came down a nickel…throw ’em in the drawer and check in six months. Got 2.92 for the first batch…taking a little less here.

#IRA #VXXGame – Once we get another reverse split and a little more drop after that I’ll cover these. Looking for 50 percent of max…

Sold UVXY JAN 18 2019 5.0/15.0 Bear call spreads @ 1.92

BTC SPX 30 JUN 17…

BTC SPX 30 JUN 17 2480/2505 CALL @.25 sold it JUN 2 2017 for $2.25


In my IRA, STO October 150 puts @ 3.15, cash covered.