SPX Campaign

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 7/14 2510/2385 BECS @ 1.50 STO 6/13 @ 1.80


STO 1 contract, September 15, 425 put @ 7.70

AAOI puts

STO Jul 21 50 P at 1.00

ADBE earnings

#Earnings Thanks to @matt0311 for pointing this one out… I had missed it on my scan…

Sold to Open $ADBE June 23rd 134/152.5 strangles for 1.50, with ADBE at 141.25. Over last 12 quarters, its 1-day moves: Biggest UP move: 9.0%, Biggest DOWN move: -5.7%, Average move: 4.5%. My strikes are +8.0% and -5.1% OTM. Trade has a bullish bias based on historical move bias of +1.5% as well as trend in tech last few days, bouncing off mini-correction.

#earningstrade $ADBE releasing after close….

#earningstrade $ADBE releasing after close. average down moves have bee just about 3.5% with a max down of 9%. Up Moves were similar. looking to sto a strangle 132/150 exp 6/23


#RiskReduction #ShortStrangles – It’s been a pretty good ticker this year so not gonna press my luck with the weakness today. Keeping my long term position in the #IRA but closing the nearer term strangles for small profit.

Bought to Close EWZ JUL 21 2017 31.0/37.0 Strangles @ .67 (sold for .82)


Nice #FallingKnife candidate today….I’m already in a position so not adding here.