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SPX ITM roll

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX June 19th 2415/2440 call spreads for 18.75
Sold to Open SPX June 26th 2420/2445 call spreads for 17.25, also added:
Sold to Open SPX June 23rd 2465/2490 call spreads for 1.80

$SNAP Short leash trade

Sold $SNAP Jul 21 17 puts @ .70.
Strike is below the all-time low from a couple of days ago.

/ES hedge

#Futures – Love having some protection up here while gradually raising the basis.

I’ll take assignment Friday of a short /ES position @ 2396 basis. Sold a Jul 2400 put against it @ 27.00. That’s nicely profitable now so setting a stop on it at breakeven. Since it’s basically safe I’m adding an Aug put also.

SOLD /ES AUG 17 (Wk3) 2350 PUT @ 16.50

If we tank from here I’ll get stopped out at even on the Jul put and can then ride the short /ES down to 2350 and then decide where to roll the Aug put. Still decent downside protection but also the ability to raise the short basis all the way to 2440 if we don’t implode.

EDIT…actually it looks like Jun contracts expire Friday. I’ll need to roll that call out a week and then take assignment of the Sep contract.


#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Order in to close this week’s 52 puts which are almost worthless so getting a jump on July…

Rolled EWW JUN 16 2017 50.0 Calls to JUL 21 2017 50.0 Calls @ .07 credit


Sold EWW JUL 14 2017 52.5 Puts @ .76

#spxcampaign BTC SPX 19 JUN…

BTC SPX 19 JUN 17 2300/2275 BuPS @.10 sold it @ $1.50 on 22 MAY 2017
BTC SPX 19 JUN 17 2295/2270 BuPS @.10 sold it @ $1.45 on 22 MAY 2017

SPX Campaign and Short Puts and Calls

$SPX STO 7/14 2510/2485 BECS @1.80
$AMZN STO 7/21 1020/1010 BECS @2.60
$FB STO 6/1 48/150 BUPS @.50