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Last night’s free video…


Lots of crazy numbers being thrown around. Dan sure got this one right a few weeks ago when he said it would take out 150 pretty quickly. I think my new plan for my 170/150 inverted strangles will be to reverse roll the ITM calls out to a put position while they’re still reasonably rollable. A couple possibilities are:

Jan 2018 140 puts @ even


Jan 2018 150/110 Bull put spreads @ 1.50 credit

This will allow me some management room for the nearer term puts. Hopefully could close those soon and then let the 2018’s decay stress free while keeping a big bulk of the nice premium received so far.

YM Trades after 5pm


The UK event spooked the mkt at the 5pm open..gave me a chance to go long at the low of a 100 gap down..

Long at 21080, on the knee jerk reaction…
Exit at 21145 for a 65 point win

Long at 21128, off the S1 PP
exit at 21163, at the 34ma
35 pt win

a Nice headstart for friday..

Closed out /CL strangles

BTC Jul 41.5/53.5 strangle at .59, .60, .61 and .62. Market makers kept making me go up a penny each contract.

BTC Aug 39/57 strangles at 0.62.

Loss of $550 on 8 contracts. It would have eventually worked out, but I forgot I am on vacation next week, will have limited computer access and don’t want to babysit positions while kiteboarding at the beach.

Maybe try again when the next series comes out in 2 weeks or if we get some vol restart my /ES strangle ladders. They are easier to manage because of weeklies but each contract requires $6000 to support it.

Now have some margin to play with for trades tomorrow.


Just saw this…interesting video on defending against an outlier move in something like NVDA.


TAP #FallingKnife I just noticed…

TAP #FallingKnife
I just noticed that I got a fill on this trade.
Sold $TAP Jan 19 70 puts @ 1.30.

BTC $EWZ Jun 16 37.5…

BTC $EWZ Jun 16 37.5 calls @ 0.03, waiting to sell again for next week