SPX Monday spread

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Sep 30th 2895/2920-3030/3055 condors for 2.30, IV 11.97%, SPX 2986.

Expiring today: Sep 25th 2890/2910-3005/3025 condors, sold yesterday for .90.

Long put PCTY (First post)

BTO $PCTY Nov 15 Put @ 1.40

Bearish on this one due to Volume Profile and software in general.  Price target for next couple of weeks would be $90 – roughly a 100% return.  Volume profile has resistance at $85-80 and a huge open gap until about $63.00 or so.pcty 9-25

Thanks for the add Jeff, and thanks to everyone else for the great ideas over the years!  Looking to learn and contribute as much as possible!


Bought to close TSLA 09/27/2019 255.00 Calls @ 0.01. Sold them on 9/23 @ 0.88


I forgot to post yesterday. BTO October 90 put at 1.95because I see the chart breaking down.


Sold SLB 09/27/2019 34.00 Puts @ 0.15 with the stock at 35.25 and 2 days to expiration.
I also have strike 37 Covered Calls on for this week.


New Diagonal Call Spread
Sold UVXY 09/27/2019 28.50 Calls / Bought UVXY 11/15/2019 60.00 Calls @ 0.25 Credit.
With the short puts I have for this week, I thought I would dare this to go up.


STO 1850/1860 bear call spread at 1.55 the stock is breaking down and below the 200 day MA. Also, just bought the 1730/1710 bear call spread at 8.25on 1 contract.