SPX Monday spread

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Sep 30th 2895/2920-3030/3055 condors for 2.30, IV 11.97%, SPX 2986.

Expiring today: Sep 25th 2890/2910-3005/3025 condors, sold yesterday for .90.

Long put PCTY (First post)

BTO $PCTY Nov 15 Put @ 1.40

Bearish on this one due to Volume Profile and software in general.  Price target for next couple of weeks would be $90 – roughly a 100% return.  Volume profile has resistance at $85-80 and a huge open gap until about $63.00 or so.pcty 9-25

Thanks for the add Jeff, and thanks to everyone else for the great ideas over the years!  Looking to learn and contribute as much as possible!


I forgot to post yesterday. BTO October 90 put at 1.95because I see the chart breaking down.


STO 1850/1860 bear call spread at 1.55 the stock is breaking down and below the 200 day MA. Also, just bought the 1730/1710 bear call spread at 8.25on 1 contract.