All That Glitters: Rolled GLD NUGT / Rolled KL HIIQ / GOOGL BUPS / SPX Campaign

$GLD STC 9/20 132 calls and BTO 10/18 140 calls pocketing 7.40 in profits per call

$KL BTC 9/20 50 call and STO 10/18 50 call for added 1.07 credit
$NUGT BTC 9/20 32 call and STO 10/18 36 call for added 1.07 credit and four added dollars if gold spikes
$HIIQ BTC 10/18 23 call and STO 10/18 25 call for .70 debit

$GOOGL STO 10/18 1200/1210 BUPS at 3.30. Earnings around 10/25. Plan to BTC at 50%

#spxcampaign #spx1dte
$SPX 2930/2950/3040/3060 STO at 1.20 Thank you @jeff

ADBE closed

#Earnings. Sold to close $ADBE Sept 20th 282.5 #DoubleCalendar for 3.82. Bought yesterday for 1.89 (avg price).

SPX trades

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Sept 23rd 2915/2940-3050/3075 condors for 2.65, IV 12.90%, SPX 3005.

Expiring today: Sept 18th 2925/2945-3040/3060, sold yesterday for .85

Also, Sept 18th 3010/2985 expires, and based on closing SPX price of 3006.01, it will cash settle at a cost of 3.99. Sold it last Friday for 7.00. I expected a rally after the Fed, but it put me through the ringer first.

SPX 1-DTE Expiring

Expiring $SPXW 9/18/2019 2930/2945/3040/3055 #IronCondor STO 9/17 @0.90

Been following these when I can – usually going with $15 wide spreads. Stops at $5 away from the short options strikes, which helps keep me from feeling like I need to watch the chart constantly.

Thank you Jeff!


#ShortPuts – Out of this one now. Looking to get back in…

Bought to Close XBI SEP 20 2019 80.0 Puts @ .10 (sold for 1.55 and 2.00)

Just What I Needed

In honor of the late Ric Ocasek, I dedicate this song to myself, as this last-hour rally is just what I needed.

$FDX had tried as an…

$FDX had tried as an earningstrade a strangle 150/190 exp Oct18. Didn’t give me the success I wanted, i rolled the call down to 165 collected extra premium and will wait a little. My BEP is 146.85 on the put side. This will be my last time trading FDX once this is resolved.


#ShortPuts – Getting back in this one. Hoping for a bigger selloff but this should be a good starter…

Sold SOXL OCT 18 2019 150.0 Put @ 5.00


#CoveredCalls – Rolling up and out but staying in the money for some downside protection. Put this in at twice the mid and got filled immediately. Should’ve asked for more!

Rolled TNA SEP 20 2019 53.5 Calls to OCT 18 2019 54.0 Calls @ .79 credit

Rolling NUGT

Rolled in the money $NUGT 9/20 30 calls out, and up 2 points, to 10/18 32 calls @ .80 credit