$SPX 1DTE Expired / OLLI BUCS and BUPS and Put Closed / Rolled TQQQ / STNE Put Closed / NUGT PLAN Rolled / EXAS Covered Call

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$SPX 2865/2890 BUPS STO 9/10 at 1.35
$SPX 2960/2985 BUPS STO 9/12 at 2.85 Thank you @jeff

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By Golly $OLLI All were opened after earnings release which dropped the stock.
$OLLI STC 9/20 55/60 BUCS on 9/10 for 4.50. BTO 8/29 at 2.97
$OLLI BTC 9/20 55/60 BUPS on 9/16 for .20/ STO 8/19 at 2.03
$OLLI BTC 9/20 55 puts at .05 on 9/12. STO 8/29 at 1.35

Have not been posting lately. A little out of sorts. Hope to be back soon.

$TQQQ Rolled 9/20 65 calls to 10/4 68 calls at even. Gain three points if called away. These sold against 66.67 LEAPS. Collected 68% of call cost so far.


$STNE BTC 9/20 30 put at .05/ STO 8/19 at 1.00. Thank you @fuzzy
$NUGT Rolled 9/20 35 put to 9/27 34 put at .37 debit.
$PLAN Rolled 9/20 50 put to 10/18 for added 1.10 credit. Thanks @honkhonk81 for original idea.

$EXAS STO 9/20 109 calls at 1.05

SPX razor’s edge

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Sept 16th 3000/2975 put spreads for 1.65. Sold Thursday for 3.00. Barely escaped alive.

Expiring: Sept 16th 2950/2960-3035/3045 condors, sold Friday for .45.

Looks like we missed the Upside Warning, so the clock resets and we need three consecutive closes below 14.50. But it could be a nutty week with the Fed Wednesday and oil volatility.


#BearCallSpreads #ContangoETFs – Had one naked call that got in trouble and wasn’t liking it very much. I rolled it out to 2021 70/80 bear call spreads figuring I’d hide there until things calmed down. Made it a 10 lot to make it worthwhile since the trade was practically a sure thing. Booking it today and will wait for DRIP to rebound when the Saudi oil gets back online.

Bought to Close DRIP JAN 15 2021 70.0/80.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 1.40 (sold for 1.60)

Closing ORLY

With direction helping quite a bit, I took this trade from Friday off for more than 50% of the profit after.
Bought to close $ORLY 10/18 410/420 bear call spread @ 1.15. Sold for 2.60 on 9/12.

Rolling NUGT

Sitting on quite a few positions that are close to the money for September expiration. Rolled the furthest ITM position up 1 strike and out a month for a credit. Rolled NUGT 9/20 26 calls, out to 10/18 27 calls @ .60 credit.
Remaining 9/20 short call positions that I’ll be watching closely this week: 30 calls, 31 calls, 35 calls.

SPX 5-dte

#SPX1dte Sold too Open $SPX Sept 20 (Friday PM) 2895/2920-3050/3075 condors for 2.45, IV 15.09%, SPX 2996.


Sold UVXY 09/20/2019 32.00 Calls @ 0.30 with the stock under 26. Sold against existing long calls from old spreads. #DoubleDip