$AAPL STO 10/18 210/215 BUPS at 1.40
$MSFT STO 10/18 130/135 BUPS at 1.40

$STNE STO 10/18 36 put at 1.75. Replaces 9/20 30 put I closed for 95% profit yesterday. Thank you @jsd501

NFLX put spread

$NFLX A bit on the aggressive side but I like what the stock has been doing to get off the mat the last few days. Sold 10/11 285/275 bull put spread @ 1.98. Short strike 27 delta. Expiration is the 10/11 weekly not the 10/18 monthly (avoiding earnings which are on 10/16.


New Diagonal Call spread
Sold CMG 09/20/2019 835.00 Calls / Bought CMG 10/25/2019 950.00 Calls @ 0.60 Credit.
I have a lot of long side calls that had been used in spreads expiring Friday, so I am hopefully creating more free longs to write against until earning at the end of October.
Stock is at 827 now.


Sold NUGT 09/20/2019 39.00 Calls @ 0.31 with the stock at 33.05, lower than it was when I sold the 38 calls but with this option at it’s high of the day.
Sold these against existing long calls.
Gold futures are meandering around and are down slightly

#earnings ADBE #closing SHOP #tastytradefollow…

#earnings ADBE #closing up SHOP
#tastytradefollow sold Oct. 18, 254/260/300/315 #ironcondor for 4.38
Thanks for the data Jeff
SHOP bought #ironcondor for 5.00 sold for 5.60 on Sept. 11.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX 2925/2945-3040/3060 condors for .85, IV 13.71%, SPX 2998. IV is up from recent series due to Fed announcement. Deltas are .06 and .05


STO October 18, 36 puts @ 1.85