Trades and expiration

Only had a few minutes at lunch but managed to snap off a few trades
Establishing new ladders in SWKS. STO jul 7 puts at 0.95 and Jul 14 105 puts at 1.00.
STO WDC Jul 21 82.5 puts at 1.3.
BTC 6/23 83 puts at 0.30, sold at 2.04. Was not quite a roll, did not see the 83 puts hanging out until I had sold the next week.
SVXY in the money covered calls will expire today at full profit. Both IRAs, 1 made $850 the other $700. Not bad for 1 week work.
I am going to hold off further SVXY trades until we get a bump in volatility.
Rolled WDC 85 puts this week to next week for 0.68 credit. Small IRA account.
I am going back to individual names for a few weeks until the VIX pops up again or ETFS with good vol.
However with the cash that is freed up on the covered calls may set up Jade lizards or just puts on XBI on Monday.
Even with a loss on the oil trade, an excellent week and help everybody else has a good expiration and good weekend!