Thurs trade day and some rolls and laddering

Rolled SVXY 6/16 125 puts to 6/23 for credit of 1.00. Originally sold for 0.9 last Thurs.

STO 7/7 SVXY 95 puts for 0.85

Rolled SVXY 6/16 125 and 130 puts to 6/30 115 for credit of 1.2 and 1.15 originally sold for 1.04 and 1.10.

STO SVXY 7/7 100 put at 1.00 These were all IRA trades.

Tomorrow will roll some WDC 88 and 87 puts that are ITM out and down and expire tomorrow that are part of ladder trades. There is still a lot of time value in them because they are ATM and will wait until most of the juice is sucked out of them. There are times better to roll early but other times be greedy and get as much time value out of the option that you can. This is one of those times, have plenty of cash and margin to cover if someone is dumb enough to take early assignment and I will gladly take their money if they want to give it up early.

My SWKS positions may take little more work but still have 2-3 weeks left to decide what to do with them. Dropped 11 points in 4 days! Falling knife trade now?

Cheers and hope everyone has a good expiration tomorrow. The finally fun!