Bunch of trades and efficiency of capital

Rolled SWKS 7/14 105 put to 8/11 103 put for 0.20 credit. Sold for 1.2 but now 7.55 ITM so moving strikes down each week until it bottoms.

STO SVXY 7/7 150 puts at 1.15

Rolled SVXY 6/30 to 7/14 125 put for 0.59 credit.

STO SVXY 7/21 110 put at 1.01

Added week to ladder XBI 8/11 73 puts at 1.09, now have 3 weeks. Add one more week next Thurs. then hopefully start harvesting profits.

I think on IRA accounts the SVXY/UVXY trades may be the most efficient use of capital. On margin accounts probably /CL or /ES but agree with @fuzzball having weeklies makes it much easier to manage trades. With weeklies I have recovered trades that moved 10+% against me. Hard to do that with only monthly expirations.

Hope everyone has a good expiration, I am done trading this week and going to meet friends at the beach for kiteboarding after picking up daughter from camp!