Assigned on ERX CC at…

Assigned on ERX CC at 26 in 2 accounts. Forgot about these until the email showed up this morning.

Wish I could combine the 7 accounts but alas they all have different tax structures so need to be separate.

Looking at some of the leveraged ETFs you can reach a 100% return on capital just selling CC against them even ITM. Just make sure you have one that won’t go to zero like SVXY or XIV. Some of the inverse ones can do that as well. I was talking with the options income blueprint guys the other day and they stopped trading them because one of the inverse leveraged financials dropped from 2000 to 10 and has been there ever since after the recovery in 2009. Wish I could remember the ticker but I deleted the email by accident. It was similar to SKF but that was not the ticker.

Hope all the right coasters made it through the storm, we had a bunch of wind but no snow 😦