Closed Early SPX BIDU WYNN / Short Puts MZOR MU SCHN SPX

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 3/23 2800/2775 BECS at 9.50 STO at 2.80
$SPX STC 3/14 2810/2830 BUCS at 3.50 BTO at 2.20 Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX STC 3/16 2840/2860 BUCS at 1.80 BTO at 1.70 Thank you @jeffcp66

$BIDU BTC 3/16 270/260 BECS at 4.00 (GTC Stop) STO at 1.92

$WYNN STC 3/16 165 calls at 25.20 BTO for 9.80 on 1/30 All gone now.
$MZOR STO 4/20 70 puts at 2.80
$MU STO 3/16 57.5 puts at .80 Thank you @honkhonk81 Good luck to all
$SCHN STO 4/20 36 puts at 1.45
$SPX STO 4/20 2650/2750 BUPS at 19.00 Thank you @fibwizard


#VIXIndicator I don’t know about you, but after what we’ve been through since January, these two little up days on the VIX look like child’s play. I’m sure questioning this “Upside Warning,” but not sensing a lot of fear, despite two weak days.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.37.30 PM

SPX puts stopped

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX March 14th 2775/2750 put spreads for 10.40. Couldn’t risk a further gap down overnight.

X straddle

Borrowing an idea from one of the TastyTrade traders.
Sold $X Apr 20 40 straddle @ 4.70 with the stock at 40.21. Breakevens 35.30/44.70.
Will take off for 25% profit (3.50 or less).

OLED roll

#Earnings #ShortStrangles Rolling these to avoid early assignment:
Closed $OLED March 16th 135/140 strangles for 9.00 (closed only puts, will let calls expire). Sold for 12.85 on Feb 23rd.
Sold to Open OLED April 20th 130/140 strangles for 11.80. I got 5 points wider with a 2.80 credit.

Original trade: sold 130 puts for 2.18. Closed for 10.40.
Total credit in trade: 7.43

#shortputs X dropped today. Possible…

#shortputs #fallingknife

X dropped today. Possible trade?

United States Steel (X) dropped nearly 6% after Vertical Research downgraded the shares to sell from hold and lowered its price target to $23 from $41.


BTO BBBY May 18 22.5/22.5/20 .98 2x #Fuzzy No Hedge at this time