Taking some more UVXY off

Shorter leashes.
Bought to close:
$UVXY Apr 20 26 calls @ .57. Sold for 1.42, 1.90 and 2.07 on 2/2.
$UVXY Jun 15 60 calls @ .32. Sold for 2.10 on 12/1 and 2.15, 2.20 and 3.85 on 2/5.

#shortstrangles FXI They are selling…

#shortstrangles FXI

They are selling strangles on FXI at Tastytrade so I followed an April 20, 51/47 for 1.28, FXI is a China large cap ETF

#coveredcalls CIEN This is a…

#coveredcalls CIEN

This is a Tradewise recommendation they are closing, the stock went way up and couldn’t roll anymore, made $377 over 6 months, 18% by their figures.


#ShortStrangles #SyntheticStock – Still a dog and I’m still selling.

Bought to Close AAOI MAR 16 2018 30.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .60)

Sold AAOI MAR 23 2018 29.0 Calls @ .35


#SyntheticStock – Sitting almost at breakeven so selling aggressively to try to get out at even. A little bit of a margin hog and a little too big size wise.

Bought to Close GLD MAR 16 2018 126.0 Calls @ .03

Sold GLD MAR 23 2018 125.0 Calls @ .70

Rolling some deep in the money positions

I was undecided about whether to just book the losses on these or roll them. Decided to roll and get more time and premium.

Rolled $CELG Mar 16 115 put out to Sep 21 115 put for .60 credit

Rolled $RRC Mar 16 22 puts out to Aug 17 22 puts for .15 credit

Rolled $XLK Mar 16 60 straddle out to Apr 20 and inverting the strikes to 64 puts/60 calls for .35 credit. This position has been rolled since November with the strikes moving around. Total credit taken in is now 4.04 so if XLK finishes between the strikes this trade will pretty much break even. That’s unlikely though, with the stock at 69.85. My plan: If it starts to come in, roll opportunities should be better and I can probably un-invert the strikes. If it continues to run up, I’m going to throw the towel in and take the loss.


QRVO puts

A nice long tail being printed on the daily chart. Selling puts around the 200 DMA. Delta of 23, stock at 78.02. No earnings in this expiration cycle.
Sold $QRVO Apr 72.50 puts @ 1.20.