SPX Expiration


$SPX 3/12 2735/2760 BUPS STO at 3.40 on Friday Thank you @jeffcp66

March 12 #Fuzzy Land Very…

March 12 #Fuzzy Land

Very excellent day here. All of the unhedged #Fuzzy that I opened on Friday were closed today for over 50% profit–and I pretty much had a lot of them. Q’s were reset and again closed for a lot of profit. Closed Fuzzies for the quarter now have a 47 handle! I’m still shooting to regain that 50 that I had in January.
Opened some new unhedged Fuzzies today in SPY, but when I saw resistance and rising VIX I atomicized them. Here is an example:
SPY #AtomicFuzzy April Expiration: 280c/-280p/277p @ 2.93 x 21 contracts, 284/288 Call credit spread @ .92 x 36 contracts.
I’m flat on Q’s right now, they are showing signs of trend exhaustion right now, so I’ll be patient for the right entry.

SPX puts expired

#SPXcampaign #OptionsExpiration
$SPX March 12th 2760/2735 put spreads expired. Sold for 4.85 on Friday.

#pietrades #sellingpremium A guy I…

#pietrades #sellingpremium A guy I like to read, George Acs

Happiness With A Losing Trade


AAPL covered call

#CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign
Sold to Open $AAPL April 13th 190 call for 1.30.


#ShortPuts #SyntheticStock – Looking to back into a #SyntheticStock position. Since it’s in an #IRA also bought some junky puts for margin. All done in the week before earnings…

Sold 1 BIIB APR 20 2018 260.0 Put @ 2.80
Sold 1 BIIB APR 20 2018 255.0 Put @ 2.10
Sold 1 BIIB APR 20 2018 250.0 Put @ 1.60

Bought 3 BIIB APR 20 2018 220.0 Puts @ .40

Net premium received of 5.30 (1.76 average)

#shortputs JCI sold April 20,…

#shortputs JCI
sold April 20, 37 put for .59. JCI is a Tradewise covered call rec. This gives me a 37/39 strangle, the 39 call being covered. JCI does not have weeklies.