Closed Early SQ Calls BIDU Short Puts

Closed Early –

$SQ STC 3/16 46 call at 4.10. BTO at 5.50. Probably should have waited but this quick move up let me get out at a reasonable loss. Cannot predict future or look gift horses …
$BIDU BTC 3/16 210/220 BUPS at 82% profit on a GTC order

#spxcampaign I am curious if…


I am curious if there is a version of #SPXcampaign that does not require watching the monitor all day long?
I reviewed all posts on this site for #SPXcampaign going back to 2016 and noticed that Jeff has to do a lot of rolls and must stay on top of the action.

Going far out and down, does reduce the need to watch SPX every day, but it also produces small results.
Someone recommended going with a fewer contracts, but $50 to $100 wide, because it would be easier to manage a spread this wide.

In 2015 I was actively trading SPX spreads $20 wide and got wiped out in August.
Just trying to find something more consistent and less demanding. 🙂

Edit: I have a regular margin account, no portfolio margin.

Any suggestions?

#spycraft, #vixindicator

SPX long condor

#SPXcampaign With today’s 52-point range and a fat ATR, it’s much harder to sell short-term spreads because the swings can just crush you in the last hour of the day. So, when I entered this condor with the intent of selling it, I decided to buy it instead when I saw how cheap it was.

Bought to open $SPX March 7th 2640/2665/2775/2800 #LongCondor (1st use of that hashtag) for 1.55.

#shortputs A quick question. I…

A quick question.
I have puts on MCD ITM – Mar 16 $155 originally sold for 0.83
Is it a good time to roll out, or out and down?

#coveredcallcampaign, #pietrade

ERX #PIEtrades Elected to get…

ERX #PIEtrades Elected to get in this on with that base formed between 26 / 28. Sold to open Mar 9th 27.50 Put at 0.70 with ERX at 27.69. Thanks hcgdavis for the ticker.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Seems to me we may be in consolidation for awhile, chopping around. The Downside Warning was canceled, then reinstated, but the second one has NOT produced new low. So I’m going to play the swings as best I can until it stops working. Missed my chance to sell one of these at this morning’s low… had an order ready but it took off on me.

Sold $SPX March 9th 2750/2775 call spreads for 3.80.

#shortputs #coveredcalls T sold April…

#shortputs #coveredcalls T
sold April 20, 35 put for .63. I also have a Tradewise advised March, 39 covered call that I expect will be rolled any day now. stock price is 36.63