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#SyntheticStock – Late fills…

Bought to Close XOM MAR 23 2018 75.5 Calls @ .03 (sold for .35)

Sold XOM MAR 29 2018 74.5 Calls @ .48

#shortstrangles Converting some #pietrades to…


Converting some #pietrades to strangles on the weakness. Went for a run, when I left looked like the market was firming, came back to chaos and panic. It was only an hour run!

Anyway STO ANDV 22 DTE 108 call at 0.5 for 95/108 strangle and put side cost basis 94.19
STO UTX 29 DTE 134 call at 0.48 for 125/134 strangle with put side cost basis at 124.03
STO NSC 22 DTE 143 call at 0.85 for 131/143 strangle with put side cost basis at 129.1

If they rebound will buy stock, otherwise it basically doubled theta rate and should be able to roll or close early for some profit.

#spxcampaign Probably a bad idea,…


Probably a bad idea, but I had a stink bid for SPX that got executed
STO SPX Apr19 2500/2490 1.10 CR
STO SPX Apr19 2475/2465 0.95CR

#SPXcampaign Well… I am out…


Well… I am out
BTC SPX Apr19 2570/2560 1.65. Originally sold for 0.80
BTC SPX Apr19 2550/2540 1.45. Originally sold for 0.80
BTC SPX Apr13 2600/2590 1.45. Originally sold for 0.70

This is a bit more selling more than expected.

#earnings #shortstraddle MU Follwed Mike…

#earnings #shortstraddle MU
Follwed Mike at TT April 20, 59.50 straddle for 8.07


#BearPutSpreads – One fill today on the short side of BuPS sales to finance BePS

Bought to Close VXX MAR 23 2018 38.0 Puts @ .01 (sold for .53 as part of 38/33 BuPS)