FB update

Hi everyone! The FB #PutRatioJadeLizard from yesterday was closed today for 33% profit. My target was 50% but, as you know, when a underlying hits the right-side slope of a Jade Lizard risk graph the accrued profits start dropping off. But I opened a new #IronCondor on it. Because the alternate sides have different strike widths I skewed the contract amounts.
Apr 20 150/155/182.5/185 5×7 IC (5 on put side, 7 on call side), net credit 5.83, BE 153.80/183.30

I plan to layer in a lot of SPY Put Ratio Jade Lizards whenever there’s a 20DTE on the chain.
Today: Apr 11 +273p/-272p x2 @2.37cr, -275/277 CCS @ .69 cr

A long time ago I wrote about waiting for a 3-of-5 bar 1-standard deviation up move before trusting a rally. It’s looking like that might be a good rally indicator, only because we can’t seem to barely get a 1-SD up move at all. In SPX we now have 16 straight bars I think with a 20-day 1SD up move rolling total of 1. I’ve only found 3 times in history going back to 1987 where we’ve gone this long with so few 1SD up moves. It speaks to the choppy nature of markets, and to not get faked out on rallies until a solid string of 1SD up moves unfolds. I’m watching it every day, will obviously keep posting about it.



#shortcallspreads AZO IWM March 16,…

#shortcallspreads AZO IWM

March 16, sold a fuzzball inspired March 23, 670/675 call spread for .83, decided to close today for .25,being careful, particularly after taking it on the chin on a Tradewise IWM call spread today as well.


#SyntheticStock – I’ll generally leave these closing orders in for a nickel through Wednesday. After that I’ll lower them to about .03 on Thursday and then .02 or .01 on Friday. Figuring I can pay the nickel on Wed and make it up by getting to sell next week’s a few days early.

Bought to Close CELG MAR 23 2018 93.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .47)

Sold CELG MAR 29 2018 91.0 Calls @ .61

Short Puts CRM

$CRM STO 4/20 120/125 BUPS at 2.20


Yesterday after my hedge got run over for a 3rd time in 4 I closed my Sept 46/46/44 #syntheticstock which I opened 2/28.
All said and done made $4.18 per spread. Waiting for a pullback to get back in.

Adding a ladder rung to CLX puts

Sold $CLX Oct 19 105 puts @ 1.50


Rolled Mar 23 29 Call to mar 29 31 .35 debit part of Hedge on 28/28/26 Apr #Fuzzy

#longput Sell remaining UVXY Mar…


Sell remaining UVXY Mar 29 $16 puts for $1.95, also bought 3/19 for $1.10

#longput Sell to close UVXY…


Sell to close UVXY Mar 29 $16 put for $1.90, bought 3/19 for $1.10


#SyntheticStock – Another sale…

Bought to Close DG MAR 23 2018 97.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .80)

Sold DG MAR 29 2018 95.5 Calls @ .74


Freeing up some cash in the #401k. Planning on moving part of it into a longer term hold and re-balance strategy for a longer term time frame similar to this:


Bought to Close PSA JUN 15 2018 160.0 PUT @ .45 (sold for 2.50)

Bought to Close TXN APR 20 2018 105.0 PUT @ 1.23 (sold for 3.00)
Bought to Close TXN APR 20 2018 100.0 PUT @ .50 (sold for 1.90)

Bought to Close UNP MAY 18 2018 125.0 PUT @ 1.10 (sold for 3.70)
Bought to Close UNP MAY 18 2018 120.0 PUT @ .70 (sold for 2.45)

Bought to Close XBI JUN 15 2018 75.0 PUT @ .65 (sold for 2.13)


BTO FB Mar 29 BF 175/180/185 .95 taking a shot

Dividend stocks

#Dividends Looking to help my sister with her IRA… she wants decent dividend stocks on which I can also sell #CoveredCalls. Already bought her some $AAPL.

Any other recommendations out there. I’m not too in-touch with the #YieldHogs.



STO October 40 puts @1.40


#SyntheticStock – Looks like it might be running out of gas here (as I’m typing this it’s rallying 🙂 ). Booking a small winner and looking for something with some better upside potential. these were just straight calls instead of synthetic. 37 cents per contract gain…been in and out of this ticker a few times so overall adding up nicely.

Bought to Close MGM APR 6 2018 36.5 Calls
Sold to Close MGM JAN 18 2019 35.0 Calls


MU financial report is tomorrow 3/22/2018 after closing of the market. This one usually bullish and does not move much after financial report.


#ironcondor GOOGL Followed Beef at…

#ironcondor GOOGL
Followed Beef at TT April 20, 1030/1035/1160/1165 for 1.95

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign I wanted to wait for Fed announcement, but this break above 2720 is too much pressure. The deeper dive I was expecting never came through, and it is expiration day. Can’t risk it any longer.

BTC $SPX March 21st 2710/2735 call spreads for 13.50. Sold for 10.20 on Monday.

CRM Long Calls / SPX Campaign

$CRM BTO 8/17 120/130 BUCS at 4.65 Expect their $MULE acquisition to be accretive.

$SPX STO 3/23 2575/2600/2800/2775 IC at 1.35 Thank you @jeffcp66

Falling knife

STO GIS, 35 puts @.51

STO, SJM, 95 puts @1.60

STO, SJM, 90 puts @1.14

#shortputs ORCL Sold April 20,…

#shortputs ORCL

Sold April 20, 46 put for .48

FB Fuzzy

STO April 27, 180 calls @2.60

Closing Sep CMG

Bought to close $CMG Sep 21 180 put @ .85. Sold for 5.10 on 2/12.

No Spring But I Hear TWTRing

$TWTR STO 4/20 31 put at 1.16

Are the hash tags working as you type them in? Mine aren’t. Perhaps they are trying to tell me to stop?


#SyntheticStock – Was seriously considering booking this one yesterday since it was up 2 dollars per spread…so much for that. Looks like the weekly selling will continue.

Bought to Close LUV MAR 23 2018 60.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .60)

Closed DVN Put / Rolled CBOE Covered Call / Rolled SQ Covered Call

#closed early
$DVN BTC 3/23 33 put at 1.25 STO at 2.45.

$CBOE BTC 4/13 122 call STO 4/20 123 call at .20 added credit. Stock basis now 118
$SQ BTC 4/6 53.5 call STO 4/20 58 call at 1.70 debit. Rolled this one several times. Now cost me 2.00 but assignment price raised from 45 to 58. Stock now at 58.18. Rolling is dizzying. Don’t know how @fuzzballl does it so often. Must be his pilot training.

#pietrade Rolled UTX 16 DTE…


Rolled UTX 16 DTE 126 put down to 125 30 DTE for 0.36 credit.

I could take assignment but with the chop plan to stay farther OTM, roll earlier, and only take assignment at what looks like a base or good price.


In my IRA:

BTO 2020,165 call @ 31.25

STO 2020, 165 put  @ 22.86

BTO 2020,160 put  @ 20.51

In at 29.50 and waiting for a bounce to sell the weekly calls. Maximum loss is 34.50 so I need .36 cents per week for the next 95 weeks.

More FB puts

Sold $FB Apr 27 (weekly) 150 puts @ 2.40

How is spring working out…

How is spring working out for you so far?
I’ll keep the flowers up for the week so our East Coast members have some solace from what’s outside their windows. Stay safe and stay warm!