#LongCalls #LongPuts #LEAPS – Trading both sides. Not willing to risk Muskie actually being serious about the buyout. Calls were already ITM so rolling them out and above my long 2020’s until things calm down.

Rolled TSLA AUG 31 2018 292.5 Calls to JAN 17 2020 360.0 Calls @ 4.24 debit

These had 32.56 of credit in them already so that reduces to 28.32. Had already reduced the basis in the long calls by quite a bit. A quick look at the numbers shows:

Long 2020 350/360 BeCS @ 23.30

If the buyout were to actually happen it would be a 13.30 loser but that’s better than without the roll. I’ll continue selling the put side for now.