AAL Covered Call

Sold 1 AAL Mar 13 2020 16.00 Call @ 1.10 against stock purchased last Friday at 15.29

XOP Covered Call

Bought 100 XOP / Sold 1 XOP 03/13/2020 9.50 Call @ 8.08 Debit.

Biggest drop since 2008

This time on a percentage basis… 7.6% on SPX. For a bigger drop you need to go back to Oct 2008.

Also, highest VIX close since January 2009.

VIX Closed Opened 3/15/20 Long…

VIX Closed

Opened 3/15/20 $35 Long Calls @ $1.50 on 3/2. Closed at the open this morning for $18.

Was a fishing trade early on in this mess.


Currently 4.70. Today’s low was 3.68.

Testing the waters with TLT

With $TLT now around its lows of the day, sold 3/20 180/185 bear call spread @ 1.20. Obviously it will be on a tight leash.

SPX closed

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Mar 9th 2780/2860 put spreads for 7.20. Condors sold for 1.60 on Friday. Two Mondays ago I let it ride and ended up with a full loss. This week, I got out at a fat loss and I’m guessing it will expire worthless. Such a bad day!