New VIX highs

Highest VIX close since 1987.
Largest move down in SPX since 1987 (on percentage basis).
Largest point move in SPX ever.

UNM Covered Call

Bought 100 UNM / Sold 1 UNM 03/20/2020 17.50 Covered Call @ 12.45 Debit.

BA Covered Call

Bought 100 BA / Sold to Open 1 Contract BA Apr 17 2020 85 Call Net Debit at $78.39 with the stock at 130.24.
Thanks @parrothead11 for the idea

TQQQ i had an order…

i had an order in for 2$ on a Bull Call Spread 40/45 expiration Jan15’21, never thought it would be filled but has in the panic sell of at the end of day. The Risk Reward ratio was too tempting

Panic close

#LongLEAPs Started again: BTO $TQQQ Jan 2021 90 calls for 2.50. Filled instantly.


SDGR STO 3/20/20 30.0 PUT @1.65
STNE STO 3/20/20 23.0 PUTS @.80 Will take the stock on these two.
AAL STO 3/20/20 17.0 CALLS @.70 Thank you @Iceman. Hope all is well with you.

DUK Covered Call

Bought 100 DUK / Sold 1 DUK 03/20/2020 75.00 Covered Call @ 72.00 Debit with the stock at 77.86.
Thanks @330nick for the idea