Sold 1 IVZ Apr 17 2020 12.0 Covered Call at $0.30.
The stock is about 9.50 now.

SVXY long

#VXXGame Bought to Open $SVXY Jan 2021 35 calls for 4.65. Considering this was in the high 60’s just last month, I figure this has good chance of profiting. I will scale into more when the market retests the lows.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX March 27th 2380/2400-2760/2780 condors for 1.80. IV: 66%, SPX 2592, deltas: -.06, +.06, OTM -7.4%, +6.5%

TRADES: Not timely.

APRN STO 4/17/20 13.0 CALL (cutting it close), @2.05. Hold others in the upper teens.
AAL BTO STOCK @16.00 A reverse day trade. Sold stock that was covering options when it ran this morning, and bought it back when it came down some.


#ShortPuts – A little safer than the previous sales. Going for a one day scalp…

Sold SPY MAR 27 2020 242.5 Puts @ 1.05


#ShortPuts – Can’t let these profits get away on an up day like this. Looking to sell Monday on any weakness.

Bought to Close SPY MAR 27 2020 245 Put @ 1.25 (sold for 3.52)
Bought to Close SPY MAR 27 2020 247.5 Put @ 1.75 (sold for 4.50)
Bought to Close SPY MAR 27 2020 250.0 Put @ 2.30 (sold for 5.00)

RCL Covered Roll

Rolled this week’s 33.0 Covered Call to next week’s 34.0 Covered Call @ 1.05 Credit + 1.00 better strike.
The stock is 46 now so I feel comfortable holding it for another week for $200+ extra.

Edit: well I timed that one poorly. The stock has pulled back to 38

#jadelizard AAL Sold May 15,…

#jadelizard AAL #calendar SPY

AAL Sold May 15, short 16 call/long 21 call/short 16 put for 5.25
SPY bought April 1/April 8 217 put calendar for 1.62



Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicated that the U.S. government would take stakes in airline carriers in exchange for billions in direct grants to the companies, part of a $2 trillion economic rescue package, according to people familiar with the matter.

He detailed his plans during last-minute negotiations when the aid to airlines emerged as a major sticking point. Republicans had rejected providing cash grants to airlines, and an earlier version of the legislation would have provided $50 billion in loans and loan guarantees to passenger airlines and $8 billion to cargo airlines—but no direct aid.

Mr. Mnuchin has previously signaled that such a move was on the table, saying last week that equity stakes could be part of the eventual aid package. While it wasn’t clear what form the investment would take, one option is a warrant that converts into equity. A warrant gives the buyer the option to buy shares at a certain price.

A Treasury spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


#ShortPuts – Rolling up again for more credit. Wasn’t long ago I wanted it at 80 so 70 looks pretty good. LOL Partial so far…

Rolled XBI APR 17 2020 65.0 Puts to APR 17 2020 70.0 Puts @ .95 credit (3.50 total now)

Just for fun rolling the last one up to 75 strike….

Rolled XBI APR 17 2020 65.0 Put to APR 17 2020 75.0 Put @ 2.35 credit (4.90 total now)