Direxion Announces Reverse Splits of Three ETFs | Direxion

Direxion has announced it will execute a reverse split of the issued and outstanding shares of the Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 3X Shares, Direxion
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Futures dropping

Since Trump spoke they have been in freefall. I am guessing shutting off travel to Europe is not so great for the market.


#SPX1dte Expiring: $SPX March 11th 2660/2680-3010/3030 condors, sold yesterday for for 2.10.

#covered calls MRO Bought 100…

#covered calls MRO

Bought 100 shares and sold a March 20, 4 call for 3.52

#closing #ironcondor TSLA January 29,…

#closing #ironcondor TSLA

January 29, sold a March 20, 440/450/700/710 for 2.98-seemed like a good idea at the time. Bought today for 2.61.
I still need another 200 points down, no offense if you’re bullish.

#contangoetfs GUSH Down to .33….

#contangoetfs GUSH

Down to .33. Can it go to zero?


I don’t get the feeling that we will get a rally this afternoon.